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How to Maintain A Pet and Guest Friendly Household

It is difficult for pet owners to entertain with houses littered with hair fuzz and other unwanted remnants that furry pets leave behind. There may be embarrassing carpet stains and piles of fur on the living room couches. Here are some tips to maintaining a house that can be both clean and pet friendly.

Pet with familyDon’t buy an expensive rug. You can buy inexpensive carpets that mimic the sophisticated design seen at expensive furniture stores. Rugs ranging from roughly $30 to $800 dollars for your common areas can be purchased on Way Fair’s website. Since pet owners face the inevitable risk of stubborn pet stains, you are likely to replace your rugs at least once or twice year. Fortunately, rugs are much more replaceable than wall-to-wall carpets.

If your pet tends to have accidents indoors, modular carpet tiles are a cheaper alternative to full carpeting. Modular carpet tiles will give guests the illusion that your floor has wall-to wall carpet without the burdening cost of a full carpet replacement. If that your pet leaves a mess and stain, only a section of modular carpet needs replaced. Prices range from $0.97 cents to $5 dollars per square foot on the Flooring Incorporation’s website. Modular carpet provides you with the opportunity to dodge an $800 regret with a smaller replacement at a smaller price.

Another pet-friendly strategy is installing a hard-surface floor in areas where you will most likely tend to your guests and where your pets are likely to roam. A hard surface is the most effortless addition for a guest and pet friendly household. They are resistant to stains and usually easier to clean. Pergo offers a wide variety of flooring options on its website. Wood options include variations of oak and hickory and offers a price of 3.25 per square foot for specific variations such as Butterscotch Oak and Country Natural Hickory. If you’re looking for a broader variety of floor tiles without a preference for value-based products , Houzz offers marble and wood flooring for sophisticated spaces. Fortunately, the only cost of a pet stain will be the price of your cleaning supplies.

Although hard surfaces may not be a desirable flooring option for the entire house, it is the most suitable option for common areas, such as kitchens and dining rooms—heavy traffic areas prone to spills and messes that are expected to be sanitary for your family dinner parties. The only concern left to address will be the four-legged friends under the table begging your guests for food scraps!

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