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North Carolina Young Professionals Network is a growing group of young, career-minded real estate
professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest tools, resources, and networking opportunities by attending conferences and pursuing leadership roles within their local and state associations.

Membership is geared toward individuals who want to take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues and be informed about the latest industry news and trends through networking and interacting with one another.

It is a way of uniting young professionals throughout the state while setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism.

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• Get involved. Many people who are new to the industry want to get involved with their local, state or national association, but they either don't know how to go about it, or they find it too intimidating. YPN encourages members to explore leadership opportunities at all levels.

• Have a sounding board. By belonging to a network of peers who face similar issues, members can bounce ideas off one another and provide support to each other.

• Be informed. Through the blog on the YPN national site, members stay in the loop on hot issues. YPN also has special educational sessions at REALTOR® conferences that address strategies for success in real estate


• New Generation of Leaders: Nurture the next generation of your REALTOR® Association's leaders.

• Tap New Ideas and Fresh Perspectives: Meet the changing demands of the real estate industry by involving the unique perspective of younger generations.

• Represent All Members: Ensure your association's industry interests are well represented among all age groups and experience levels