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How to Meet

  • Make an appointment. If you drop in without an appointment, you may miss your elected official, you may wait a long time or you may force the official to postpone another appointment--all of which create negative feelings instead of goodwill.
  • Always introduce yourself, even at the second, third or fourth meeting. Don't put elected officials in the awkward position of having to remember your name. Realize how many people they meet and understand that your elected official may not remember you.
  • Ways to structure the conversation:
    • An informal conversation held at a social event--such as a dinner, sporting event or other event--where interaction is personal and subjects discussed are not legislative and/or organizational in nature.
    • An open-ended conversation in which the topic discussed is legislative and/or organizational in nature. Try to identify the source of differences in opinion, not lobby the official on specific measures or try to win a debating contest. You can win the debate and lose the official.
    • A pointed conversation in which you try to persuade the official about the REALTOR® point of view.


  • Be brief, direct and simple. Discuss only one issue per visit. This may not be possible if you do not see the official often, but it is much better to contact them frequently with one issue at a time rather than contact them occasionally with a "laundry list" of requests.
  • Make it easy for an official to vote for your interests by giving them good reasons to vote for or against a bill. Don't be arrogant and argumentative. Don't win the argument and lose a vote.