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How to Phone

  • Prepare
    • Review the purpose of your call and list the points you want to make in the course of the conversation.
    • Know the issue at hand , the supporters among the elected officials, the general purpose of the proposal and the rationale for your support or opposition.
    • Find out when and where the next action on that agenda item is scheduled. If it is in a committee, find out if your official is a member of that committee.

  • When you call:
    • If your elected official is not available, ask to speak to the Board's Clerk , and write down his or her name.
    • State your name, company's name, the position you hold and your district.
    • State the REALTOR® position on the issue and stress the local support of that position, as briefly as possible.
    • Do not argue or debate.
    • Try to determine the official's position on the bill or issue.
    • Express appreciation, if the official's position is favorable.
    • If the elected official is undecided, ask:
      • "What kind of information would help you make up your mind?"
      • "How can I assist?"
      • "Would you like to meet to discuss this issue?"
      • Thank the official or aide for taking the time to talk with you.
  • Follow Up
    • Send a letter to the elected official reinforcing the substance of your call.
    • Single out any special assistance given to you by the staff and express your appreciation