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Artistry in Leadership: Get to Know Your 2017 Leadership Team

2017 February Insight

Together we will thrive in 2017.





One of the hallmarks of great leadership is the ability to build, empower and support a stellar leadership team, which serves as the ultimate support system and “north star” for an organization. They are advisors and analysts who help to keep perspective, big picture thinkers who keep their eye on the horizon and self-motivated, driven decision makers and influencers who have a lasting impact on day-to-day decisions to maintain momentum. Building a highly-effective team requires brutal honesty and internal reflection of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses, along with the organization’s short- and long-term goals. The end result is a team that complements the leader’s innate abilities and fills the talent and skill sets required by the mission and vision. Teams built on this principle are nearly invincible, as they naturally fill a piece of the puzzle — each offering a unique talent and ability. 

NC REALTORS® witnessed such artistry in leadership dozens of times over its history, including several examples in recent years, such as in 2016 when Kim Dawson and association leaders successfully proposed bold moves and gracefully handled fierce debate and opposition surrounding the REALTOR® of the Future PAG. The 2016 leadership team thrived in maintaining perspective, dared to look deep into the horizon to propose changes that would position the association for years to come and built momentum and consensus (even though all initiatives didn’t move forward) with some tough and innovative proposals. Effective and passionate leadership at different levels made this possible. In 2015, Tony Smith and his leadership team secured approval of the Heck-Andrews House and witnessed a monumental legislative year. And in 2014, the “heart and soul” was brought back to the industry, which struggled post-recession, with Tomp Litchfield’s leadership. 

2017 will continue NC REALTORS’® long tradition of successful vision under the leadership of Treasure Faircloth who will ignite passion in our members about our mission, our industry and our association, while radiating positivity that inspires others to work together in ways we’ve perhaps never experienced before. An NC REALTOR® with over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, holding active roles in her local, state and national association, and the National Certified Residential Sales (CRS) Council, Treasure has been in many ways working towards the role of NC REALTORS® president since she joined the association. 

Her dedication to the industry, to NC REALTORS®, to her craft and to her fellow members is evident by her long-standing, hands-on commitment. She served as past-president of the Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS® (WSRAR), served as regional vice president twice for Region 6, NC REALTORS® treasurer from 2012-2015 and president-elect in 2016. She served on NC REALTORS® executive committee for several years and has represented NC REALTORS® as an NAR director for three terms to the present. She was also president of NC CRS Chapter. 

It comes as no surprise that Treasure has been honored with numerous awards for her service, including the NC REALTORS® Regional Service and Hall of 

Fame Awards, CRS of the Year, President's Award and WSRAR Tom Lambe Hall of Fame Award, REALTOR® of the Year and ARTuttle Service Award. She also received REALTOR® Emeritus status for 40 years of service as a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. She is dedicated to the real estate business and feels it takes the whole association to make it a thriving and productive success. Treasure clearly has demonstrated artistry in leadership throughout her career, and she and the 2017 Leadership Team will undoubtedly make their mark on NC REALTORS® history. 

Without our fierce and dedicated leadership over the years, NC REALTORS® wouldn’t be the respected organization it is today. This year, your 2017 Leadership Team is no different. They will approach our mission with a fierceness and tenacity you’ve never seen. They will demonstrate inclusivity, encouraging member engagement at all levels, while emphasizing member growth. Through collaboration, their efforts on behalf of the association and each member will be transparent, and expectations will be established up front and made clear to all members. 

They aspire to reconnect the disconnected, re-engage the disengaged and inspire the uninspired. We know NC REALTORS® care about their profession, the industry and the association, and the 2017 Leadership Team wants you to know we’re listening. You’re encouraged to reach out to each one of the Leadership Team members and discuss ideas and challenges, and if by some chance you’re not familiar with who comprises the Leadership Team, we want to introduce you to them personally during an NC REALTORS® event in the very near future.


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