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Blog: Communication Tips for REALTORS®

BlogThumbnailBeing a REALTOR® is exciting and full of possibilities. You will get to meet a lot of new people in your new career, and if that sounds intimidating to you, never fear! Read below for some great tips on how to improve your communication as a REALTOR®.




men shaking hands

Firm Handshake
This may seem like an easy one, but you’d be surprised how many people are lackluster when it comes to a handshake. Having a firm and steady handshake says “I am confident, I am capable and I am ready.” It also implies power and will make people trust you right from the get-go. Try practicing with a friend. Need some help? Check out this video for an easy tutorial.

Engaged Listening
We all think we’re better listeners than we are. Studies have shown that humans, on average, only listen at 25% efficiency. Try being engaged while listening to someone talk. Nod your head, hum in agreement, and react to what they’re saying. People love to feel like what they are saying is important, so be sure to make each client feel special to establish a reputation as a caring and thoughtful REALTOR®.

man listening

Jedi Mind Tricks
Know some tricks to cover for yourself if you ever zone out or get distracted. A good one is: if you ever don’t hear what someone says for whatever reason, repeat the last three or four words back to them in an inquisitive tone. This will prompt them to keep talking and you will be able to catch up on what you missed.
Them: …….only in North Carolina.
You: Only in North Carolina?
Them: Yeah, apparently it’s the only state to….

Admit You Don’t Know
There’s no shame in not knowing the answer to a question someone asks. You are not Google. You don’t have to have all the answers. A simple “Y’know, I’m not positive, but I can find out for you,” will be sufficient, and it lets people know that you aren’t just making things up for the sake of having an answer. Don’t panic when you’re not sure – it’s okay to not know.

Go into every conversation with confidence and a willingness to help your client, and the great communication will come on its own!