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#MemberMonday: Wendy Harris

Welcome to #MemberMonday, a weekly feature that spotlights one of our awesome NC REALTORS®. This week's member is Wendy Harris!

Wendy HarrisName:  Wendy Harris

Hometown:  Nurnberg, Germany

Current location:  Fayetteville

Title: Broker Owner

Number of years in the industry: 16

Why I love what I do: Everyday is so challenging.  I am constantly being pushed and pulled outside of my comfort zone and growing in those directions.

Favorite work story: Rodents don’t like white chocolate.  I once had a client send a Christmas gift to the office, which included 3 oversized bars of Godiva Chocolate (one each of dark chocolate, milk Chocolate and white chocolate).  The next day I came into the office a littler later than usual and after the cleaner had finished.  I noticed the dark chocolate bar was missing from the basket that was still sitting on my desk.  I chose not to say anything, but I was wondering who would have taken it.  It was a busy day, so I moved the basket to another piece of furniture in my office and forgot about it.  The next morning I came in early for the team meeting and notice the milk chocolate bar was now gone.  At the team meeting I asked everyone about it.  Everyone denied taking the bars and we were frustrated because everyone wanted a bite of each one and we could not figure out who had taken the chocolate bars.  The following morning the mystery was solved…the white chocolate bar was partially eaten with most of it left in the basket with the shredded wrapping!  We immediately called the exterminator who said the only way the rodent was getting in was through the mail slot in the front door.  It was a possum, raccoon or large rat due to the size of the chocolate bars it had been absconding away with the prior nights.  We eventually found the rodent’s dining spot, laid traps and prayed we got it fast.  We still laugh to this day whenever we think we might have a mouse in the office…who wants to run out for the dark chocolate?!

What I’m most proud of in my career: I would love to say it is some type of special award, but the reality is that I am most proud when in the smallest way I am able to inspire or share an idea that solves a challenge or does something good for a person, my community or my industry.  Witnessing the value that I bring after so many years focused on one industry is definitely something that makes me proud.

Why I’m a member of NC REALTORS®: Our industry is a small part of a larger picture that has the most pure and non-self-serving objectives of any industry I have been a part of in my life.  We will be successful as an association and industry by aiding our communities through homeownership and homeownership rights.  To be successful in your career by giving back to your community and industry…wow…how many people can say they are involved in anything so generous and impactful?

Fun Fact: As an adult, I am recognized for my voice.  However, growing up my voice was a source of ridicule and bullying.  I find it fun that the thing for which I was teased and taunted became my most recognizable asset.