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The Home Stretch

August 1, 2016

We’re in the home stretch of renovations in Greensboro! We are hopeful to wrap up the renovations by August 15, which will put us two weeks ahead of the initial construction schedule, giving us a month to settle in before Conference.

The second floor is nearly completed with a few finishing touches needed, including finishing the video editing booth and recording studio, storage room, and the fitness center.

exercise room ceiling tiles
Fitness Center ceiling tiles

video booth ceiling tiles
Video booth ceiling tiles


The Education and Communication Departments on the first floor are well into the rebuild phase, following an aggressive demo period. The Education Department has been relocated to the opposite side of the building, so part of that team has already settled into their newly painted and carpeted space.

old education space
Former Education Department space


Communications Department


Meanwhile, the reception area just started demo last week, and the receptionist and front door have been temporarily relocated to the newly renovated conference room.

former reception area
Former Reception Area and soon-to-be new Member Center


conference room
Newly renovated conference room


The staff is beyond excited about showing off the new NC REALTORS® offices. Although, many of us who are currently camped out in the new Kutz Center upstairs have grown to like the open, collaborative environment. However, the constant barrage of construction banging and living out of boxes is admittedly a slight inconvenience – one that is well worth it, as we await the final space we’ll call home.