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NCAR Legislative Committee establishes priorities for 2015

January 23, 2015

Earlier this week, the NCAR Legislative Committee met in Charlotte to finalize an aggressive public policy agenda for 2015.

The Committee determined that NCAR will lobby for the following budgetary issues this year:

• Recurring funding for the Housing Trust Fund, the Non-commercial Underground Storage Tank Fund, and the Workforce Housing Loan Program.

• Tax policy that encourages economic development and job growth through the Historic Preservation Tax Credit, film industry tax credits, and the New Markets Job Act.

• A tax code that does not penalize private property owners through a real estate transfer tax or taxes on real estate-related services.

• Protecting investment in private property through preservation of the mortgage interest deduction and property tax deductions.

NCAR will voice concerns on regulatory bills that impact the school calendar, the oversight of licensing boards, the nature of residential inspection and registration programs, and the use of private process servers in landlord-tenant disputes.

NCAR will work to protect consumers through homeowners insurance rate-setting reform.

NCAR will continue to harness the power of the NC Homeowners Alliance with expanded grassroots opportunities for members. These include a Telephone Town Hall, a petition, and more tools to be announced later this year.