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Stop the NC Home Tax Campaign Rolls On

Release date: 04/09/07

The North Carolina Association of REALTORS statewide campaign to “Stop the NC Home Tax” continues to roll on.

As of April 9, more than 8,000 unique email messages had been generated through the GetActive system to various members of the General Assembly voicing opposition to the proposed home tax. Most impressively, more than 85 percent are from non-REALTORS, evidence of our research that homeowners support our stance.

“Voters are getting engaged on this issue,” says Tim Kent, executive vice president of the statewide association. “They realize that taxing the equity in their homes is a bad idea, and they are letting their lawmakers know how they feel. We're thrilled with the response we've received from voters, and we are heartened that they want to be involved in this campaign.”

These emails are produced from supporters visiting our dedicated Web site ( and following a few simple prompts. Here is a sampling of the comments that we have received:

Sandi, a Craven County voter, says the proposed home tax would be unfair:

“I am very much opposed to further taxes on the backs of homeowners, especially in light of all of the tax breaks that are being offered to big corporations to locate to N.C. The idea that the General Assembly would give the companies a break and make it up by taxing all of their employees as they buy and sell their homes is absurd and disgraceful.

Please take a minute to consider the impact that additional taxes on homeowners will have on the citizens of North Carolina. Vote no on the proposed NC Home Tax!”

Margaret, a Cleveland County voter, says the new home tax would hurt her children's education fund:

“The public is sick and tired of new taxes. It is not fair to put more of a burden on property owners by charging them a tax that would strip them of their hard-earned equity. Home equity is our nest egg that we use for our next home, to send our children to college or for retirement.

Don't burden homeowners any more. Transfer taxes are a bad idea for individuals and for the state. Please stop the NC Home Tax! Thank you for your consideration of this matter.”

Jennifer, a Forsyth County voter, writes that the home tax would hurt young families:

“It is not fair to put more of a burden on property owners by charging them a tax that would strip them of their hard-earned equity. ... This tax would prevent us from selling our current home to buy a bigger home. With three children in our little house, we are bursting at the seams. But if you insist upon taking more money out of our very tight budget, we will have to look for that bigger home in another state.”

Kent said the association plans a “full-court press” on the home tax debate. “Our campaign to Stop the NC Home Tax is just beginning,” he says. “We are going to have an ongoing dialogue with lawmakers and with the voters of North Carolina to let the public know that taxing the equity in your home is like taxing the American Dream. It's a bad idea.”

Additionally, our office has received more than 1,500 Business Reply Cards from our initial direct mail piece. Those names and addresses are being added to a database that we'll maintain, providing us with a large list of homeowners who care passionately about protecting housing affordability and private property rights.

Media coverage continues to be outstanding, both in volume and in tone. With very few exceptions, coverage has been favorable. Most recently, the Winston-Salem Journal voiced its opinion in an editorial. To read it, click here.