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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MIXup - Wilmington (Tue. 11 Apr, 2017 11:30 am - 1:30 pm)

MIXsessions mixup

Shape the future of NC REALTORS® by participating in focus groups designed for randomly selected members to provide high-quality feedback in a low-pressure, neutral environment. Up to 15 members will be selected per region and invited to a structured focus group where they will have premier access to view and respond to new campaigns, ideas and programs pre-launch, as well as review and discuss what works and doesn’t work in various areas of the association to allow for maximum improvement. Led by a skilled facilitator, the focus groups will help NC REALTORS® continue to build on its reputation as a leading state association that all other associations aspire to be.

By invitation only. Check your inbox for more information on how to attend.

MIXer - Wilmington (-)

MIXsessions mixer

Connect and ideate with brokerage leaders from across the state with exclusive, invitation-only broker dinners to discuss the challenges you face and how NC REALTORS® can help you solve these challenges. Fine dining restaurants will host this group joined by our CEO, president and president-elect, setting the stage for brutally honest conversation about contemporary issues in business, the industry and the economy and how NC REALTORS® can help bridge the gaps to solve some of the biggest and simplest of problems. It’s about adding value – real and tangible value – to be problem solvers for our members in a relaxed environment.

By invitation only. Check your inbox for more information on how to attend.

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