AE Relief Fund

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The AE Relief Fund exists to assist local association executives who have suffered a significant personal loss such as (but not limited to) an illness or the impact of a natural disaster. The Fund’s receipts and disbursements will be maintained by the Fund administrator, NC REALTORS® Chief Financial Officer, who shall provide a report on the balance of the Fund at each AE committee meeting. Use the buttons below to contribute or request assistance. You may also read more about the AE Relief Fund below.

How does the fund help?

  • Assistance with medical costs
  • Financial assistance when unable to work
  • Expenses for day-to-day living

How are requests handled?

  • Application information will be handled with the utmost discretion.
  • An AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee member (or members) can discuss with the candidate how the Fund can be of assistance.
  • Recipient profiles are not used publicly without the permission of the recipient.

How are the funds dispersed?

  • Disbursement amount (per applicant) shall be determined by the AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee.
  • Disbursements up to $250 (per applicant) shall be authorized at the discretion of the Administrative Committee and reported to the AE Committee.
  • Disbursements above $250 (per applicant) shall be approved by the AE Committee.
  • Any disbursement of funds outside of guidelines identified within the fund’s purpose shall be voted on by the AE committee.

How do I apply?

How can I contribute?

  • It is suggested that every association executive consider an annual voluntary contribution to the Fund.
  • You may contribute online or print a copy and mail with check payment made out to NC REALTORS®.  Please include “AE Relief Fund Contribution” in the memo field. 

    Mail to:

    AE Relief Fund
    4511 Weybridge Lane
    Greensboro, NC  27407

Who serves on the AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee?

The Administrative Committee is comprised of the Current AE Committee Chair, Current AE Committee Vice-Chair, AE Committee Immediate Past-Chair and NC REALTORS® AE Committee Staff Liaison.

2023 AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee

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