C2EX Program | Take your professionalism to the next level!

Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) is a program that empowers REALTORS® to demonstrate their commitment to conducting business at the highest standards. Designed for the REALTOR® on the go, C2EX features customized learning paths that you can complete on your mobile device at your own pace. It’s not a designation or a course. It’s not a requirement, but a benefit available to all NAR members at no additional cost.

These NC REALTORS® have already completed the program and received their endorsement.

Casey Angel
Christina Asbury
Louis Baldwin
Angelo Belardo
Carol Bradley
Ikhlas Brais
Shannon Brien
Scott Browder
Leigh Brown
Brooke Cashion
Jacob Cashion
Heather Cater
Cindy Chandler
Clifton Cheek
Michele Clark
Sharon Cooke
Renee Cooney
Connie Corey
Cirila Cothran
Kimberly Dawson
Rosemarie Doshier
Kimberly Endre
Kristina Farrell
Kristie Ferguson
David Fialk
Asa Fleming
James Foster
Fred Gainey
Sandra Galehouse
Diana Gardner
Cristina Grossu
Lewis Grubbs
Tara Hargrove
Anthony Harrington
Donald Harris
Wendy Harris
Scottie Hundley
Sandra Hurst
Jessica James
Tara Jennings
Larry Johnson
Phillip Johnson
Michael Jones
Adam Kiefer
Guadalupe Kingsbury
Thomas Livingston
James Logan
Shelly Logan
Deborah Maxwell
Michele McCubbins
John McPherson
Brittani Metts
Allan Minton
Jean Moore
Sarah Moss
Christina Norman
David Noyes
Amanda Parmer
Kimberly Perkins
Teresa Pitt
Melissa Polce
Thomas Potratz
Ayla Reach
Catherine Robertson
Carla Rose
Janice Scarborough
Colleen Shriver
Lori Shultz-Moore
Debbie Simpson
Martha Slawter
Brook Sparks
Patricia Steely
John Trapaso
Callie Walker
Stephanie Walker
Tim Walker
Kathlyn Wangrin
Patrice Willetts
Melody Williams
Terry Wilson
Lisa York

As of 9/4/19.

Be Epic. Be an NC REALTOR®.