Choosing REALTOR®Champions Roadshow

Modeled after the great rock and roll tours of past generations, the Choosing REALTOR® Champions Roadshow is going to be coming to cities and towns across North Carolina teaching REALTORS® about how to support elected officials who support REALTOR® issues. Since we can’t come to every area of the state, it’s up to you to tell us where we need to be!

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What is Choosing REALTOR® Champions?

The Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions is a three-hour training session that provides best practices for association staff and volunteers, including RPAC Trustees, Government Affairs Committee members or other member-leaders, that disburse money to candidates at their state or local associations. This training provides hands-on assistance and time-tested templates to state and local associations that want to screen, identify and ultimately help elect political candidates who will represent the issues important to REALTORS® and real estate.

What will Roadshow attendees learn?

Following this class, attendees will be able to:

Relay the policy issues and articulate the candidate selection committee’s goals for the coming year for the association they are serving;

  • Outline their committee’s process and criteria for candidate support;
  • Assess a candidate’s chances for winning; and
  • Identify the best practice methods when selecting and supporting REALTOR® Champions for office.
Who is the “band” for the Tour?

Multiple NC REALTORS® Government Affairs staff members are certified as instructors for the Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions course. Seth Palmer, Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Communications will serve as the Tour Manager for the Roadshow and will be the primary educator.

What is the cost to participate in the Roadshow?

Thanks to support from the NC REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Fund, there is no costs for an association to host a Roadshow stop. A hosting association may charge attendees for event-specific costs (including but not limited to event space rental, food, etc.).


Please contact Tour Manager Seth Palmer (Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Communications) at or 919.573.0992.

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