Heck Andrews House – A Look at History and a Vision for the Future

It was great seeing everyone who attended the State Legislative meetings held June 13-15 in Raleigh. The last day of the meetings ended with a tour of the Heck-Andrews house.  Our vision for the Heck Andrews house is to accurately and clearly convey its history, and then add our own REALTOR® narrative so that all members have a sense of pride about the office.

What is the history of Heck-Andrews?

In 1869, four years after the Civil War ended, Mattie Heck purchased land and commissioned an architect to design the home for her family. This marks a trailblazing moment for women, as it was uncommon for married women to own land or property during those times. Construction was completed in 1872.

Mattie was the wife of Jonathan Heck, who served in the Confederate army. He was captured, paroled and later became a partner in a munitions company until the war ended.  We were unable to find any record of the Heck family owning slaves.

As the primary owner of the home, Mattie held the agreement with the builder. To view that piece of history, click here.

What is NCR’s current vision for Heck-Andrews and for future generations?

Heck-Andrews is a workspace for our Raleigh Government Affairs team. It is conveniently located close to the General Assembly in Raleigh’s beautiful historic downtown district. To learn more about our Raleigh staff, click here and scroll to the Government Affairs section. This is also a home for our members. We welcome every member to reach out to our Raleigh staff if you are interested in touring the home and learning more about its history. Our doors are open to everyone!

We want our Raleigh office to honor the diversity of our membership and the trailblazers in our industry. In the future, we hope to incorporate a special display and feature multi-media resources at Heck-Andrews. Our goal is to share the history of the house but more importantly highlight how REALTORS® are creating our own story and legacy at Heck-Andrews.

Be Epic. Be an NC REALTOR®.