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Do you remember the moment you went into pandemic lockdown? No one had any idea how long it would last. Now two years in and counting, the impact on mental health is still undoubtedly on many REALTORS®’ minds.

While tech stress and Zoom gloom are real, some positive tech improvements have emerged related to mental health. The National Institute of Mental Health notes  that mobile devices have provided a new gateway for doctors and researchers. Mobile mental health support rapidly emerged during the pandemic, providing better and swifter access to health support. New mobile apps appeared to allow Telehealth medical appointments, monitor physical activity, track dietary consumption,  digitally record weight changes with smart scales and more.

Today, anyone needing mental health support can send a text message to contact a crisis center. New apps are promising to improve memory and thinking skills.  Apps even use built-in sensors to collect information on our behavior patterns.

All of this new technology brings pros and cons, which need individual evaluation. New Telehealth tools increase access and convenience to medical care and  mental health support. For those who put off seeing a medical professional—such as a real estate agent with an insanely busy schedule—using an app might help overcome that hurdle.

For real estate agents who thrive on face-to-face interaction, the pandemic has been particularly brutal. Reducing stress levels has become more crucial than ever,  and there are some great apps to help agents do just that.

One of the most popular stress management apps is Calm, available in the App Store and Google Play. With 100 million downloads and 1.5 million 5-star reviews, it  has become the top-ranked app for mediation, relaxation and sleep. Calm features music and the sounds of nature to help you “focus, relax and sleep.” Video lessons focus on movement and stretching. Masterclass audio programs help strengthen mental fitness, addressing topics including stress, depression, insomnia and  anxiety.

The prevalence of Telehealth also has soared in use during the COVID outbreak. With more doctors and therapists offering Telehealth appointments, accessibility  has never been greater. Telehealth also is making care more affordable. Offering live, highly secure video conferencing, getting an appointment with your doctor for  consultations and treatment is more accessible and often faster than scheduling an in-person meeting.

New technology is extending the benefits of Telehealth with remote patient monitoring. RPM tools electronically record personal health and medical data and send it  digitally and securely to your health professional. With these new tech tools do come new tech challenges. Fortunately, your association provides Tech Helpline as a  member benefit, so analysts are available to help you with your technology challenges—even non-real estate-related ones!

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