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July 26 Jones Street Update

Governor Signs Multiple Bills

This week, Governor Cooper signed two important pieces of legislation, including one of NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities.

On Monday he signed House Bill 620Street Database/Manual/Public Record Except.” paving the way for the creation of a statewide database of roads.

As we told you in a previous Update, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) must now develop a “Public Street Information Database” for release on January 1, 2020 which shows the status of federally owned, state owned, and state-maintained roads throughout the state. The database is required to be updated monthly and will utilize existing mapping and geographic information system (GIS) overlays. NC REALTORS® staff has already begun working with NCDOT on a potential system and we hope to have a draft of the system soon.

The enactment of this bill comes after many years of engagement by NC REALTORS calling for this important consumer protection tool.

He also signed Senate Bill 462Modifications to NC Appraisal Board” this week.
This legislation makes updates to the statutes governing the NC Appraisal Board to bring it into compliance with federal rules regarding licensure education/certification and a newly-mandated fee for appraisal management companies. NC REALTORS® supported this legislation and was engaged in its enactment.

Still no budget deal in sight…

The past couple of weeks have not provided much, if any progress, towards a budget deal. Both sides remain entrenched with no specific interest in giving up much ground towards the other’s position. Governor Cooper and Senator Berger have both been guests on the WUNC Politics podcast over the past two weeks where the each staked out their respective sides.

As we have for the better part of the past month, we will continue to monitor this stalemate and provide additional information as it becomes available. NC REALTORS lobbying team continues to advocate for your budget priorities and is working to find alternative avenues for success.

What else is going on?

With no budget deal in sight, the pace of the General Assembly has slowed significantly. Both chambers have committed to remain in session until they either have the votes to override the Governor’s veto or they are able to reach a compromise which includes General Assembly priorities. Over the coming weeks, we are likely to see extended breaks, as well as no-vote sessions to allow for negotiations on outstanding issues and with the Governor’s office.

There has been important progress made on key topics including short-term rentals and association health plans. The NC REALTORS® Lobbying Team continues to participate in stakeholder meetings focused on moving legislation forward and we hope to have more to report soon.

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