GRI Online Core Courses

CE Courses Will Not Be Available June 7- July 1

As the 2018-2019 CE year is coming to an end, all online classes must be completed no later than 5PM on June 7th.  Per the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, we are unable to offer CE Courses until the 2019-2020 cycle begins.  Online classes will be available again starting on July 1st.

Mastering Real Estate Negotiations

(4 hours elective CE credit available)

The ability to effectively negotiate is a learned skill.  The ability to understand and recognize different negotiating styles and strategies results in successful client interactions and closed transactions.

  • Introduction to “DISC Behavior Profiling”
  • Build trust and connect with others
  • Balance emotion and logic
  • Achieve a “Win-Win-Win” negotiation

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Meeting the Needs of Buyers & Sellers

The process of determining the listing price of residential real estate

  • Steps to comprehensive pricing
  • Defining value
  • Roles of the inspector and appraisers and how they are selected

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Successful Buyer Client Systems

(4 hours elective CE credit available)

Learn the critical skills of how to effectively meet the demands of buyers, and help them navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction.

  • Generate more successfully completed closings
  • Create client confidence and satisfaction
  • Utilize systems and technology to benefit your client throughout the buying process
  • Discover the real buyer secrets to improve your productivity

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Successful Seller Client Systems

Working with sellers begins with a phone call and should end with a successful close.

  • Develop unique systems, skills and strategies for communication with sellers
  • Enhance professional counseling & services provided to sellers
  • Develop pre-listing checklists
  • Define expectations

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