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May 24 Jones Street Update

The first half of any legislative long session is primarily focused on getting as many pieces of legislation out of their chamber of origin in time for the legislative crossover deadline, and 2019 was no different. By the time the May 9 deadline hit, more than 1,600 bills had been introduced by the General Assembly. Though some of these bills didn’t meet the deadline or are not required to due to the subject matter (mainly those which involve an appropriation or fee), a significant number of them did.

Each session, the NC REALTORS® lobbying team tracks bills which may have an impact on the real estate industry, land use, and the business practice of REALTORS®. The list varies each biennium but generally focuses on more than 200 bills.

This session we are monitoring roughly 340 bills. The REALTOR® position  on these bills run the gamut: support, oppose, monitor, and watch for adverse or positive changes. The NC REALTORS® Legislative Committee built a proactive legislative agenda for this year, focused on important REALTOR® priorities like Health Insurance for Independent Contractors, a database for Subdivision Roads, Extension of the Historic Preservation Tax Credits, and standardizing local government authority of Short-Term Rentals. Legislation addressing each of issues is still eligible for discussion this biennium.

Keep watching the REALTOR® Advocate for additional updates.

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