What Is Your Diversity Story?

We’re #BuildingtheMosaic this year, and we want you to get involved. Share your diversity story, and join us for a big discussion on how diversity impacts our communities, workplaces and the real estate industry on Tuesday, October 8, at our inaugural diversity conference in Charlotte. Register here »


Shaleen Young

NC REALTOR® Shaleen Young is a businesswoman, a mother of four and a military veteran. Learn more about her life experiences and how they shaped her identity and her career as a REALTOR®.

Stephanie Estrada

Stephanie Estrada shared her story on why she wanted to become a REALTOR® and how important it is to bring a voice to those who don’t have a voice in the real estate industry from where you live!


Todd Pierceall

City Councilman of Gastonia, Todd Pierceall, articulated how important it is to take the time to learn about the needs and differences of others. By doing so, Todd was able to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of his people and better serve his community.


Kimberly Williams

Owner of Right Time Realty, Kimberly Williams, highlights how we have a collective responsibility to inform others of the differences that make us into one big beautiful mosaic.


Join the conversation this fall at our inaugural diversity conference, Mosaic. Find out how YOU can join the conversation.

Let’s be ambassadors of social change and promote diversity, equality, & inclusion! Help us #buildthemosaic by sharing your story.

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