• the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team are the leading advocates at the local, state, and national levels.
  • The sole purpose of NC REALTORS® PAC to help elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office.
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    NC REALTORS®: The Voice of North Carolina Real Estate

    As the only voice specifically focused on protecting North Carolina’s real estate industry, the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team are the leading advocates at the local, state, and national levels. Through legislative and regulatory engagement, political involvement, political fundraising through NC REALTORS® PAC, and consumer outreach through the NC Homeowners Alliance, the REALTOR® voice is there to protect YOUR business and YOUR industry.

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    Government Affairs Contacts
    • Cady Thomas Cady Thomas
      Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
      (919) 573-0996 x306
      Email »

      Contact Cady Thomas for help with: Legislative issues.

    • Nicole Arnold Nicole Arnold
      Director of Community Outreach & Local Government Affairs
      (336) 808-4237 x237
      Email »

      Contact Nicole Arnold for help with: Homes4NC or affordable housing, Workforce Housing Specialist Program, Shared Local Government Affairs Director Program, Matching grants and regional grants.

    • Kristin Nash Kristin Nash
      Director of Political Fundraising
      (919) 573-0995 x305
      Email »

      Contact Kristin Nash for help with: State candidate funding, Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC and the Property Rights Fund, NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees.

    • Michael Landes Michael Landes
      Director of Political Operations
      (919) 573-0984 x384
      Email »

      Contact Michael Landes for help with: NC Homeowners Alliance, Independent expenditure campaigns, Broker Involvement Program, REALTORS® Commercial Alliance.

    • Seth Palmer Seth Palmer
      Political Communications & Regulatory Affairs Director
      (919) 573-0992 x302
      Email »

      Contact Seth Palmer for help with: Regulatory issues, NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section.

    • Troi Hicks Photo Troi Hicks
      Local Government Affairs Director
      Email »

      Contact Troi Hicks for help with: Local Government Issues.

    • Nick Scarci Nick Scarci
      Local Government Affairs Director
      (336) 808-4234 x234
      Email »

      Contact Nick Scarci for help with: Local government issues.

    • Susanna Hailey Susanna Hailey
      Political Operations Manager & Local Government Affairs Director
      (919) 573-0989 x389
      Email »

      Contact Susanna Hailey for help with: Grassroots mobilization, Local government issues, NC Homeowners Alliance, NC Young Professionals Network.

    • Dakota Cary Dakota Cary
      State Grassroots Coordinator
      (919) 573-0988 x388
      Email »

      Contact Dakota Cary for help with: Grassroots mobilization, NC Homeowners Alliance.

    • Jordan Forrest Jordan Forrest
      Political Fundraising Coordinator
      (919) 573-0991 301
      Email »

      Contact Jordan Forrest for help with: Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC.



    NCREALTORS PAC logoA key component of the REALTOR® Party is the North Carolina REALTORS® Political Action Committee (NC REALTORS® PAC). The sole purpose of NC REALTORS® PAC is to help elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office.

    NC REALTORS® PAC supports candidates who understand and champion the interests of North Carolina REALTORS®, regardless of their political affiliation. NC REALTORS® PAC backs candidates in primary, general, and run-off elections.

    NC REALTORS® PAC is effective because it allows REALTORS® to work with all political parties to enact legislation that protects the real estate industry, current and future homeowners, the real estate-based economy and private property rights. Not only is NC REALTORS® PAC one of the most nonpartisan political action committees in the state–it is the most successful.

    Why should you invest in NC REALTORS® PAC?

    Consider RPAC’s record from the 2016 election cycle.

    • 94% of RPAC-supported candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly won.
    • 100% of RPAC-supported candidates for the U.S. Congress won.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t believe in giving money to political candidates.

    Actually, rather than “giving” money to political candidates, you are investing in your business and a commitment to preserving the future of our industry. I’m sure you have insurance on your car, home and business office. Bad legislation passed by Congress, the state legislature or city council could be just as catastrophic finically as the loss of any of your possessions by fire, theft or storm. NC REALTORS® PAC helps elect officials at the national, state and local levels who support the free enterprise system and private property rights.

    I already contribute to political candidates on my own.

    You should contribute directly to the candidates of your choice, but you should also contribute though NC REALTORS® PAC. The dollars you invest join with literally thousands of other contributors to support candidates who understand the issues that affect our business. Our ultimate goal is to position NC REALTORS® PAC as the largest and most influential political advocacy organization North Carolina. With your support, we will be one step closer.

    I don’t have the money.

    You cannot afford not to have the money. A $99 contribution to NC REALTORS® RPAC breaks down to about a quarter a day. Is a daily investment of 25 cents not worth the additional money in your pocket that results from NC REALTORS® PAC’s successful efforts to ensure a vigorous and viable real estate industry?

    PACs are just in the business of buying votes.

    NC REALTORS® PAC does not “buy” votes from politicians. NC REALTORS® PAC helps elect candidates who share our philosophy or will at least listen to the REALTOR® viewpoint. NC REALTORS® PAC-supported candidates will not always support us on every vote, but they will usually be more favorable to our point of view than the candidates who ran against them or the incumbent they replaced.

    I’m a Democrat/Republican and RPAC has supported candidates of the other party.

    RPAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates. The voting record and views on the issues that affect REALTORS®, in addition to the recommendations of Local Boards and State Associations, are the deciding factors on which candidates we support.

    NC REALTORS® PAC supports federal candidates, I’m more interested in State and Local Candidates.

    A small portion of your contribution goes to support candidates at the national level. The other portion stays in your state for use in supporting state and local candidates. By contributing to NC REALTORS® PAC, you can help support candidates at all levels of government.

    I’m not full time, why should I contribute?

    If you benefit in any way from the real estate business, you have a vested interest in ensuring that the individuals who pass the laws believe in private property rights and the free enterprise system.

    NC REALTORS® PAC is already a successful PAC, you don’t need my contribution.

    While NC REALTORS® PAC has been successful in advancing the REALTOR® position, new legislation is constantly being introduced. We must remain strong and ready to assist candidates at all levels of government that support issues that are important to us. It is imperative that we continue to build on the momentum we have created.

    What is the difference between the NC Homeowners Alliance, NC REALTORS® PAC, Issues Mobilization and the Property Rights Fund? 

    Click here to read a helpful document describing the entities.

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    Make Your Investment

    Invest in NC REALTORS® PACInvestment Levels

    • State
      • Cardinal Club: $100-249
      • Capitol Club: $250-499
      • Governor’s Club: $500 – $999
    Major Investors

    RPAC Major Investors consist of an elite and passionate group of REALTOR® investors who give a minimum annual investment of $1,000.

    2016 Major Investors »

    CandidatesMembers Only Content

    NC REALTORS® PAC is governed by a member Board of Trustees. Each Trustee is politically active and contributes time and money to the efforts of RPAC. The Trustees meet to make funding decisions based on recommendations/input from the local boards, voting records for incumbents, and a candidate’s support and/or knowledge of issues of concern to the real estate profession.

    Candidates are also evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Position on issues germane to the real estate profession
    • Legislative Committee assignments
    • Accessibility to NC REALTORS® members, leadership and Government Affairs Department
    • Need for financial support

    2016 NAR Fed Election Cycle Summary



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    NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees

    NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees are elected and appointed to serve for staggered three year terms. The purpose of the Trustees is to determine the best use and disbursement of available NC REALTORS® PAC funds.

    2017 Officers

    2017 NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees »

    Who to Contact
    • Kristin Nash Kristin Nash
      Director of Political Fundraising
      (919) 573-0995 x305
      Email »

      Contact Kristin Nash for help with: State candidate funding, Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC and the Property Rights Fund, NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees.

    • Jordan Forrest Jordan Forrest
      Political Fundraising Coordinator
      (919) 573-0991 301
      Email »

      Contact Jordan Forrest for help with: Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC.

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    48% of respondents state association social forums are important to them (Association Matters, 2013)

    Member engagement is the ultimate testament to the value of the benefits and services offered. We measure member engagement as a litmus test to determine how well we are serving members, and we believe members get more from their membership with increased involvement – in committees, diversity programs, social media channels and forums, and community projects. Learn how you can maximize your membership and get engaged with NC REALTORS® here.


    Committees help shape the direction of NC REALTORS® and its policies. Serving on an NC REALTORS® committee furthers your professional development by providing leadership experience, expanding your professional network, and strengthening your ties within the association. What’s more, committee members are directly involved in identifying new opportunities, guiding projects, and offering their expertise.

    Below is a brief description of current NC REALTORS® committees and advisory groups. The committee application and selection processes are currently closed. Members interested in serving on a 2019 committee may submit a committee application, available in June.

    • Bylaws Committee: Oversees the NC REALTORS® bylaws that govern the association. (2-year term)
    • Diversity Committee: Develops programs and policies to help manage the risk of housing discrimination and equal professional services. (2-year term)
    • Information Management Advisory Group: Reflects on and anticipates the communication needs of membership by exploring ways to promote and increase the use of electronic media. (1-year term)
    • Legislative Committee: Monitors legislation and agency regulatory issues that affects the real estate industry and builds an effective grass root network to achieve NC REALTORS® legislative and political goals. (1-year term)
    • Professional Standards Committee: Promotes REALTOR® adherence to the Code of Ethics and maintains the Grievance and Professional Standards hearing process. (3-year term)
    • Risk Management Advisory Group: Identifies current and potential areas of liability to REALTORS® to assist in managing the risks of doing business. (1-year term)
    • Residential Forms Committee: Reviews and develops the standard residential real estate forms used by REALTORS®. Important Note: Service on the Residential Forms Committee is from July 1 to June 30. If selected to serve on the Forms Committee, your term will begin July 1, 2015 and end on June 31, 2016. This committee may meet up to 10 times a year in Greensboro, thus requiring an extensive time commitment. (1-year term)

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      $350,000+ donated to Hurricane Matthew flood relief in conjunction with the NAR REALTOR® Relief Fund.

      Community engagement is one way NC REALTORS® make an EPIC impact in their communities and differentiate themselves. Members have multiple ways to get involved and give back. Through NC REALTORS® 501(c)(3) entities, private foundations, strategic partnerships, and cause marketing campaigns, community engagement is important to us and our members. One of the greatest impacts NC REALTORS® had on their communities was the coordinated and immediate response to Hurricane Matthew in 2016, which resulted in over $350,000 being donated for flood relief in conjunction with the NAR REALTOR® Relief Fund. Below are additional opportunities for our members to get involved and make a positive impact.

      Additionally, NC REALTORS® made a huge impact recently with various community engagement efforts and cause marketing campaigns, including:

      • Adopt-a-REALTOR®
      • Boys & Girls Club School Supply Drive
      • Greensboro Urban Ministry Food Drive
      • Governor’s Rebuild Day 2017 

      Homes4NC logoThe NC REALTORS® charitable housing foundation, Homes4NC, provides affordable housing and disaster relief to deserving families. Founded in 2004, Homes4NC is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides resources to create, expand and encourage home ownership opportunities for North Carolinians. The foundation promotes awareness of affordable housing issues by educating North Carolinians and their representatives about the barriers to home ownership and the resources needed to increase housing affordability.  Homes4NC also provides emergency disaster relief for victims who have lost their home through a natural disaster.  We raise funds from caring donors who want to build stable families and stable communities in our state.

      Visit Website

      NC REEF

      NC REEF logoThe North Carolina Real Estate Educational Foundation, Inc. (NC REEF) is the real estate educational resource for REALTORS®, non-licensees and consumers in North Carolina. Through original video tutorials, scholarships and other content, NC REEF elevates the real estate profession through education.

      The foundation routinely develops and offers Continuing Education courses to address trending topics in real estate. Additionally, NC REEF has a long-standing relationship with the UNC-Chapel Hill Kenan Flagler Business School through an endowment that promotes real estate education.


      Recommended Videos in this playlist include:

      NC Homeowners Alliance

      NC Homeowners AllianceThe NC Homeowners Alliance represents the interests of property owners by raising awareness of issues and legislation that affect consumers’ most important investment: their home.

      The Alliance stands for common-sense measures that will improve the everyday life of all North Carolinians. In order to boost the North Carolina economy and defend the rights of its citizens, the General Assembly should support legislation that will protect the rights of property owners, encourage homeownership, and keep insurance rates fair and affordable.

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      Boys & Girls Club

      Boys & Girls Club logoIn support of NAR’s strategic cause marketing campaign with the Boys & Girls Club, NC REALTORS® supports local clubs across the state throughout the year for such events as school supply drives, field day, and disaster recovery.

    Be Epic. Be an NC REALTOR®.