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Elevate your support for your association, supercharge your professional development, and elevate your marketing through our comprehensive suite of resources tailored for Association Executives.

With our deep industry insights and experience, we’ve honed a keen understanding of what drives success and what pitfalls to avoid, and we’re eager to collaborate with you. Together, we can chart a path towards excellence in association management and professional growth.

This page is a dedicated spot to house resources and tools to help REALTOR® Association Executives.

AE Scholarships

Financial support moves local associations forward by allowing all executives the opportunity to grow and enhance their associations. Institute and Conference scholarship recipients will be recognized at the NC REALTORS® Board of Directors meeting in January. Scholarships will be payable after submission of actual expenses. Click here to view the Association Executives Scholarships Policy.


If you have questions or need assistance in completing your scholarship application, please contact Denise Daly at ddaly@ncrealtors.org.
AE Relief Fund

“For AEs by AEs”

The Fund exists to assist local association executives who have suffered a significant personal loss such as (but not limited to) an illness or the impact of a natural disaster.

The Fund’s receipts and disbursements will be maintained by the Fund administrator, NC REALTORS® Chief Financial Officer, who shall provide a report on the balance of the Fund at each AE committee meeting. You may apply online or submit this form to Denise Daly at ddaly@ncrealtors.org.

Apply Here



How are requests for assistance handled?

Application information will be handled with the utmost discretion.

An AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee member (or members) can discuss with the  candidate how the Fund can be of assistance.

Recipient profiles are not used publicly without the permission of the recipient.

How does the fund help?

  • Assistance with medical costs
  • Financial assistance when unable to work
  • Expenses for day-to-day living

How are the funds dispersed?

Disbursement amount (per applicant) shall be determined by the AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee.

Disbursements up to $250 (per applicant) shall be authorized at the discretion of the Administrative Committee and reported to the AE Committee.

Disbursements above $250 (per applicant) shall be approved by the AE Committee.

Any disbursement of funds outside of guidelines identified within the fund’s purpose shall be voted on by the AE committee.

How can I contribute?

It is suggested that every association executive consider an annual voluntary contribution to the Fund.

You may contribute online or you may print a copy and mail with check
payment made out to NC REALTORS®. Please include “AE Relief Fund Contribution” in the memo field. Mail to: AE Relief Fund, NC REALTORS®, 4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407.

Contribute Here

Who serves on the AE Relief Fund Administrative Committee?

The Administrative Committee is comprised of the Current AE Committee Chair, Current AE Committee Vice-Chair, AE Committee Immediate Past-Chair and NC REALTORS® AE Committee Staff Liaison.

Grant Applications

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation Matching Grant

Since 2004, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation has awarded Matching Grants to a qualifying housing non-profit that partners with a local REALTOR® Association in their community. Want to help a non-profit in your area? Here’s how the program works:

  • First, a local association invests in a community-based non-profit.
  • Then, the local association recommends this same non-profit for a Matching Grant from the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation.
  • Next, the Foundation deepens the commitment of REALTOR® involvement by matching the local donation.

There are two application cycles per year.

  • Spring application deadline: April 30
  • Fall application deadline: September 30

The spring application cycle has closed. Check back in August to submit an application during the fall cycle.

Innovative Grant

The Innovative Grant Program is available on an annual basis to local associations across North Carolina. NC REALTORS® looks for new programs, events or plans that change the way business is typically thought about, made or conducted. This opportunity empowers local associations to develop and nurture great ideas into actionable programs, which may otherwise be cost-prohibitive. It also elevates the REALTOR® brand through innovation.

A total of $15,000 will be available for the Innovative Grant Program every fiscal year (up to $5,000 per association per cycle). Applications will be received and reviewed once per year.

Application deadline: August 15, 2024


NC REALTORS® Give Back Grant

In support of local REALTOR® association service projects for NC REALTORS® Gives Back, the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation is promoting a fundraiser and grant program.

The money raised from online donations will be collected by the Housing Foundation and then used to assist local association Gives Back projects through matching grants.

Application deadline: August 31


Local Association Grant Program

In 2024, President Tony Harrington and NC REALTORS® want to support the work of local associations with a small grant. Each local association is eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $500 to enhance a program or event that advances your strategic plan and highlights the value of membership in your association.

Application deadline: December 31, 2024


New AE Toolkit

A checklist for new AEs with job functions and responsibilities, information on policies and procedures, and advice from fellow AEs.

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Marketing Tools & Assets

Ready-to-download email, social media and website graphics to help promote NC REALTORS® benefits and services.

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There are 44 local boards in North Carolina. View the local board directory.

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