Health Benefits Center

An alternative to traditional health insurance plans

NC REALTORS® Health Benefits CenterThe NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center is the only health benefits solution offered through NC REALTORS® and provides independent contractors and sole business owners and their families an opportunity to take control of and save on healthcare expenses. By visiting the Health Benefits Center, you will be able to see if you can save versus traditional ACA Exchange or private insurance market plans.

NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center is now offering CoreChoice health plans featuring the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield network – and your current health is no longer a barrier to coverage.  Plans are guaranteed issue with no health questions. This means everyone qualifies. Plus, with CoreChoice featuring the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield network, you can offer your employees coverage they can use without breaking your budget.

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Flex Enrollment

The NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center is open for quoting year-round, with effective dates at the first of every month. There is no need to plan around the calendar year – offering flexible enrollment dates gives you the opportunity to enroll when it’s best for you. Complete your enrollment by the 15th and get covered as early as the 1st of the following month.

Your Privacy Matters

NC REALTORS® will never call or text you about the Health Benefits Center. Any texts or calls about health insurance associated with NAR or NC REALTORS® could be a scam, so please proceed with caution. Our organization has not and will not sell your information to outside parties.

If you do receive any texts or calls, please report any unsolicited communications from anyone claiming to be NAR or using the REALTOR® trademarks to fraudulently sell you an insurance product at NAR has created this dedicated inbox to gather member reports of this scam, as part of NAR’s ongoing efforts to investigate the matter. Please note that the inbox is not monitored and members will not receive an individual response.