NC REALTORS® members are a vital part of advocacy. It is important that elected officials hear from you on industry related issues.

If you would like to become more politically engaged, please consider joining the following programs:

State & Federal Political Coordinators

Our Political Coordinators are a valuable part of NC REALTORS®’ advocacy efforts. They are at the front lines of each of our advocacy efforts, communicating directly with their assigned legislators on key issues for our industry.

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NC REALTORS Housing Foundation Logo

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, a charitable foundation, provides housing opportunities through education, community-based initiatives, disaster relief and affordable housing.


NC Homeowners Alliance logo

NC Homeowners Alliance

REALTORS® helped organize the NC Homeowners Alliance to facilitate property owners’ action on issues important to their rights and budgets.

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Neighbors Helping NC-neighborhood image

Neighbors Helping North Carolina

Neighbors Helping North Carolina is dedicated to ensuring we have vibrant communities in which to live, work and play. That means we want a healthy economy with plentiful opportunities in safe and sustainable communities. We support candidates for elective office who share those values and dedicate themselves to making our towns, cities, counties and state a wonderful environment for all North Carolinians.