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NC REALTORS® Committees

Committees help shape the direction of NC REALTORS® and its policies. Serving on an NC REALTORS® committee furthers your professional development by providing leadership experience, expanding your professional network, and strengthening your ties within the association. What’s more, committee members are directly involved in identifying new opportunities, guiding projects, and offering their expertise.


Below is a brief description of current NC REALTORS® committees. Members interested in serving on a committee must submit a committee request form by August 1 each year. Selections will be finalized in November, and members will be notified of their appointment by December 15.

  • Bylaws Committee: Oversees the NC REALTORS® bylaws that govern the association. (2-year term) The Committee meets as needed when requested by the Association’s Executive Committee or Board of Directors.
  • Communications Committee: Anticipates needs and measures the effectiveness of membership communication across all channels, with an emphasis on digital media and engagement. (1-year term)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI): Develops programs and recommend policies to help manage risk in the area of housing discrimination and to help provide equal professional services to all. (1-year term)
  • Economic Development Committee: Created with the purpose of assisting local associations and NC REALTORS® in efforts to engage and support with local, statewide and global economic development and business recruitment efforts in North Carolina. (3-year term)
  • Global Subcommittee: Designed to make the global real estate market more accessible, profitable, and ethical for NC REALTORS®, the Global Network offers resources, research, a network of experts, and networking opportunities for members practicing or interested in international real estate markets. (1 and 2 year terms)
  • Innovation Forum: Provides members across all specialties and market types an opportunity to discuss issues impacting the current real estate market as well as issues that will have either short or long term impacts on the industry or association.  Issues and potential solutions will then feed into association committees for action. (1-year)
  • Legislative Committee: Monitors legislation and agency regulatory issues that affect the real estate industry, determines NCR advocacy policy positions, and builds an effective grass root network to achieve NC REALTORS® legislative and political goals. (2-year term)
  • Professional Standards Committee: Responsible for promoting REALTOR® adherence to the Code of Ethics and maintaining the Grievance and Professional Standards hearing process. (3-year term)
  • Appraisal Committee: A network of allied Appraisal professionals that communicate with each other and act as advocates to speak with a common voice to the interests of its members; collect and disseminate information  beneficial to Appraisal professionals;  develop and recommend legislative policy/positions to the NCR Legislative Committee;  protect and promote the importance of the Appraisal profession; and advise/interact with NCR committees and leadership to provide information, solutions and assistance with reference to appraisal concerns. ( 1 and 2 year terms)
  • Commercial Committee: Collect and disseminate information beneficial to NC commercial professionals; develop and recommend legislative policy/positions to the NCR Legislative Committee; protect and promote the welfare of commercial property and ownership; and advise/interact with NCR  committees and leadership to provide information and assistance regarding commercial and investment real estate concerns. (1 and 2-year terms)
  • Residential Forms Committee: Reviews and develops the standard residential real estate forms used by REALTORS®. Important Note: Service on the Residential Forms Committee is from July 1 to June 30. If  selected to serve on the Forms Committee, YOUR TERM WILL BEGIN JULY 1, 2025 AND END ON JUNE 30, 2026. This committee may meet up to 8 times a year in Greensboro, thus requiring an extensive time commitment. (1-year term)
  • REALTOR® Commercial Alliance Forms Committee: Reviews and develops the standard commercial real estate forms used by REALTORS®.  Important Note:  Service on the Commercial Forms Committee is from July 1 to June 30.  If  selected to serve on this Committee, YOUR TERM WILL BEGIN JULY 1, 2025 AND END ON JUNE 30, 2026.  This committee may meet at least 8 times a year  thus requiring an extensive time commitment. (1-year term)
  • Risk Management Committee: Identifies current and potential areas of liability to REALTORS® to assist in managing the risks of doing business. (1-year term)
  • Young Professional Network (YPN): A dynamic entry point for real estate professionals striving to become more successful in their careers and looking to gain leadership experience. This committee cultivates a modern, inclusive, creative culture of service and leadership development for the NC REALTORS® community and beyond. (1 year term)

Interested in Serving on an NAR Committee?

Committees help shape the direction of NAR and its policies. If you want your voice to be heard and want to contribute to the decision-making process, NAR’s committees are a great forum for debate and discussion. Experience on national committees is beneficial for those interested in seeking a future leadership role.

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