The sole purpose of NC REALTORS® PAC to help elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office.


REALTORS® saved $8,427 as a result of legislative action preventing the taxation of real estate services and commissions.*

NCREALTORS PAC logoA key component of the REALTOR® Party is the North Carolina REALTORS® Political Action Committee (NC REALTORS® PAC). The sole purpose of NC REALTORS® PAC is to help elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office.

NC REALTORS® PAC supports candidates who understand and champion the interests of North Carolina REALTORS®, regardless of their political affiliation. NC REALTORS® PAC backs candidates in primary, general, and run-off elections.

NC REALTORS® PAC is effective because it allows REALTORS® to work with all political parties to enact legislation that protects the real estate industry, current and future homeowners, the real estate-based economy and private property rights. Not only is NC REALTORS® PAC one of the most nonpartisan political action committees in the state–it is the most successful.

Why should you invest in NC REALTORS® PAC?

Consider RPAC’s record from the 2020 election cycle.

  • 95.6% of RPAC-supported candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly won.
  • 100% of RPAC-supported candidates for the U.S. Congress won.


Look up your 2023 investment total below.

Current Year NC REALTORS® PAC Investment History

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t believe in giving money to political candidates.

Actually, rather than “giving” money to political candidates, you are investing in your business and a commitment to preserving the future of our industry. I’m sure you have insurance on your car, home and business office. Bad legislation passed by Congress, the state legislature or city council could be just as catastrophic finically as the loss of any of your possessions by fire, theft or storm. NC REALTORS® PAC helps elect officials at the national, state and local levels who support the free enterprise system and private property rights.

I already contribute to political candidates on my own.

You should contribute directly to the candidates of your choice, but you should also contribute though NC REALTORS® PAC. The dollars you invest join with literally thousands of other contributors to support candidates who understand the issues that affect our business. Our ultimate goal is to position NC REALTORS® PAC as the largest and most influential political advocacy organization North Carolina. With your support, we will be one step closer.

I don’t have the money.

You cannot afford not to have the money. A $99 contribution to NC REALTORS® RPAC breaks down to about a quarter a day. Is a daily investment of 25 cents not worth the additional money in your pocket that results from NC REALTORS® PAC’s successful efforts to ensure a vigorous and viable real estate industry?

PACs are just in the business of buying votes.

NC REALTORS® PAC does not “buy” votes from politicians. NC REALTORS® PAC helps elect candidates who share our philosophy or will at least listen to the REALTOR® viewpoint. NC REALTORS® PAC-supported candidates will not always support us on every vote, but they will usually be more favorable to our point of view than the candidates who ran against them or the incumbent they replaced.

I’m a Democrat/Republican and RPAC has supported candidates of the other party.

RPAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates. The voting record and views on the issues that affect REALTORS®, in addition to the recommendations of Local Boards and State Associations, are the deciding factors on which candidates we support.

NC REALTORS® PAC supports federal candidates, I’m more interested in State and Local Candidates.

A small portion of your contribution goes to support candidates at the national level. The other portion stays in your state for use in supporting state and local candidates. By contributing to NC REALTORS® PAC, you can help support candidates at all levels of government.

I’m not full time, why should I contribute?

If you benefit in any way from the real estate business, you have a vested interest in ensuring that the individuals who pass the laws believe in private property rights and the free enterprise system.

NC REALTORS® PAC is already a successful PAC, you don’t need my contribution.

While NC REALTORS® PAC has been successful in advancing the REALTOR® position, new legislation is constantly being introduced. We must remain strong and ready to assist candidates at all levels of government that support issues that are important to us. It is imperative that we continue to build on the momentum we have created.

What is the difference between the NC Homeowners Alliance, NC REALTORS® PAC, Issues Mobilization and the Property Rights Fund? 

Click here to read a helpful document describing the entities.

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Make Your Investment

NCRPACPurpleInvestButtonInvestment Levels

  • State
    • Cardinal Club: $100 –249
    • Capitol Club: $250 – 499
    • Governor’s Club: $500 – $999


2023 NC RPAC Investor Pin

Qualifying investors at the State Investor Levels and above will receive a survey within 30 days following the processing of their investment. This survey will allow investors to indicate the address to which they would like their NC REALTORS® PAC investor pin sent.

All Capitol Club and Governor’s Club members will receive an additional NC REALTORS® PAC gift for their investment at the end of the year. Major Investors (those who invest $1,000+ annually) will also receive a gift.

Didn’t get your state pin? Request a 2023 NC REALTORS® PAC pin.

Major Investor pins are sent directly from NAR once the required 30% of your investment has been received by NAR. For more information please click here.

Major Investors

RPAC Major Investors consist of an elite and passionate group of REALTOR® investors who give a minimum annual investment of $1,000.

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State EventsMembers Only Content

NC REALTORS® PAC hosts various fundraising events annually that help the state and local associations increase their fundraising receipts. Receipts go towards local association fundraising goals.

2023 NC REALTORS® PAC Regional Baseball Events

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Local Association Fundraising & EventsMembers Only Content

NC REALTORS® PAC Fundraising Partnership Programs helps state and local associations increase their fundraising receipts and participation. Participation in the programs is subject to state law.

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CandidatesMembers Only Content

NC REALTORS® PAC is governed by a member Board of Trustees. Each Trustee is politically active and contributes time and money to the efforts of RPAC. The Trustees meet to make funding decisions based on recommendations/input from the local boards, voting records for incumbents, and a candidate’s support and/or knowledge of issues of concern to the real estate profession.

Candidates are also evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Position on issues germane to the real estate profession
  • Legislative Committee assignments
  • Accessibility to NC REALTORS® members, leadership and Government Affairs Department
  • Need for financial support

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NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees are elected and appointed to serve for staggered three year terms. The purpose of the Trustees is to determine the best use and disbursement of available NC REALTORS® PAC funds.




2023 Officers

  • Chair: Connie Corey
  • Vice Chair: Bob Bates
  • Treasurer: Cirila Cothran
  • Past Chair: Bill Aceto

Apply to be an NC REALTORS® PAC Trustee

The NC REALTORS® PAC Trustee Credentials Committee is taking applications for candidates for regions 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for a three year term (2024-2026). Elections will be held at the NC REALTORS® Board of Directors meeting in October. The deadline for applications is July 31. For more information, please email Kristin Nash.


Who to Contact
  • Ashtyn Gammons headshot Ashtyn Gammons
    Political Fundraising Manager
    (919) 573-0994 ext.102
    Email »

    Contact Ashtyn Gammons for help with: NC REALTORS® PAC fundraising and events, Local candidate funding.

  • Kristin Nash headshot Kristin Nash
    Director of Political Fundraising
    (919) 573-0995 x305
    Email »

    Contact Kristin Nash for help with: NC REALTORS® PAC fundraising, State candidate funding, Corporate fundraising oppurtunities, NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees, Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs).

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