Breaking News: Senate Bill 86 becomes law!

August 25, 2019 – Late yesterday, we learned that the Governor allowed Senate Bill 86, the Association Health Plan bill, to become law.

This means the entire REALTOR® community – along with countless other independent contractors and small business owners and their employees across North Carolina – will benefit from having quality, affordable group health insurance plan options. That includes many of your fellow REALTORS® who currently cannot afford insurance, others who are underinsured, and many more who are financially strapped because of the high cost of insurance.

Nothing is more important to us than your health and well-being. That’s why this bill has been the top legislative priority for 2019.

This success was the result of a hard work from everyone. Three of the seven primary bill sponsors in the House and Senate are REALTORS®, we want to especially thank Representatives Kyle Hall, Brian Turner and Holly Grange.

Most important was your help. In just one week, over 7,600 of you answered our Call for Action to contact the Governor asking him to sign this bill. Your voices matter. You made a difference. Thank you!

Because of this bill, NC REALTORS® will eventually be able to offer group health insurance plans to our REALTOR® members and their families. This won’t happen right away as there are Federal hurdles pending. But there are no longer any impediments in North Carolina that will stand in our way from being able to make available to you the same health care benefits that employees at large corporations have enjoyed for years.

Thanks again for your support of these efforts. We are proud to advocate for you, your clients, and the industry.


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