Closing Gift Ideas That Leave a Lasting Impression

Home buying and selling can be an exhausting experience for both REALTORS® and their clients. Expressing gratitude by giving a closing gift is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Continue reading below for a list of gift ideas you can give your clients after crossing the finish line.

For Home Sellers

Gift vouchersSpa background with orchid flower and massage oil on table, along with a personal thank you card, are perfect for recent home sellers who want to indulge after the sale. Imagine a champagne toast at one of their favorite restaurants, or perhaps a hot stone massage at the local spa.

Crayon Drawing of Small White HouseA commissioned painting or sketch of their old home holds enormous sentimental value. You can write whatever caption you think will leave a good impression and frame it for your client to hang in their new home.

Bag with beach accessories lying on the sandAn embroidered beach bag with towels, sun screen, and flip-flops is a thoughtful gift for sales made during the summer season. Let them know that the work is done and that it’s time for a vacation!

For Home Buyers

Light dressing room with bright clothingPaying for a few hours with a professional home organizer is perfect for new home buyers during move-in time. Starting with a clean slate, home organizers can help create maximum efficiency in all rooms of the house, as well as develop an easy organization plan.

Potted mini orange tree, Tuscany ItalyAnother great closing gift for buyers with a knack for nature is a potted plant or fruit tree. Both can be grown in pots or planted in their yards and serve as symbols of a new beginning.

Vintage rubber stampAn address stamp or personalized address labels will help clients get used to their new address. Office Depot, an NC REALTORS® benefits partner, offers members up to 30 percent off on office supplies.

Try to avoid giving any anything with your brand on it, as that serves more as an advertisement than a gift. And be sure to wait a few days after the sale so that your closing gift will have more of an impact. The better you get to know your clients, the easier it is choosing a great a closing gift for them. Make it personal!

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