How To Create a Beautiful Winter Landscape

Winter is a transitional time period for homeowners that love to garden. It seems that the fun selection of flower seeds is replaced by tedious driveway shoveling. However, the enjoyment in creating a beautiful landscape can be found in all seasons.

Although it seems impossible to preserve all plants in the wintertime, gardeners have the opportunity to create accents to their landscapes from scratch. Deciduous trees lose their leaves when the temperature drops. Ornaments can be placed on the branches—gardeners can extend the enjoyment of holiday tree decorating to the outdoors. Witch hazel trees, snowdrops, crabapple shrubs, four-season perennials, and evergreens bring natural brightness to the white and gray winter colors. These plants are typically grown in the warmer seasons, but are well-preserved throughout all seasons. Evergreen plants provide a wider variety of colors (blue, yellow, green, and more), but all four plants prevail as an almost effortless contribution to a colorful wintertime landscape.

The choice of the best winter garden aesthetic also relies on what’s missing. Hardscaping additions offer a variety of appealing selections that will make a garden shine every season of the year. A winter hardscape may include a backyard patio with winter furniture. a fire place, and stone concrete, and a pond. It is most tasteful if the colors of the house, the natural landscape, and the hardscape complement each other. The creation of a hardscape is another way to extend a home’s unique facades to its surroundings for any time of the year.

Hardscapes and remnants of nature will give all homeowners a reason to show off their landscapes despite the dreary weather.

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