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    NC REALTORS® are more than brokers, members and people. They are super-human problem-solvers, never take-no-for-an-answer opportunity finders, shop-til-they-drop home hunters.

    NC REALTORS® is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources to positively impact our members’ bottom line through epic benefits, resulting in epic value. Download our Member Benefits Packet or contact us at for more information.

    About Us

    NC REALTORS® is a non-profit trade association founded in 1921 and incorporated on Sept. 14, 1935. From an initial membership of 135, NC REALTORS® today has a membership of 44,000 real estate professionals representing 48 local associations statewide. NC REALTORS® is one of the largest and most influential state associations in North Carolina.

    Greensboro Headquarters

    4511 Weybridge Lane
    Greensboro, NC 27407

    (336) 294-1415  phone
    (336) 299-7872  fax 

    Raleigh Office

    3801 Computer Drive
    Ste. 104
    Raleigh, NC 27609

    For our purposes, the state is divided into 10 regions to assist in the operation of the association. Each region has an elected vice president that is responsible for coordinating activities in his or her area on behalf of the association.

    NC REALTORS® is dedicated to providing the opportunities and resources that aid our members. Our mission statement is succinct: “To promote the success of our members and enhance the Quality of Life in North Carolina.” We further pledge to: preserve and promote the right to own, transfer and use real property; maintain a leadership role in the legislative, political and regulatory process; promote and maintain the highest ethical standards; develop and provide the best education, products and services; and promote housing affordability.

    NC REALTORS® is headquartered in Greensboro near Grandover Resort and is easily accessible from Interstate 85 and Interstate 40. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


    What is a REALTOR®?

    A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® who is required to abide by a strict Code of Ethics. The term REALTOR® is a registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®, and misuse of the term is a trademark violation. To become a REALTOR®, a person who holds a real estate license may join their local REALTOR® Association, which makes them automatically a member of the State and National Associations.

    How do I become a REALTOR®?

    Before becoming a REALTOR®, you first must earn a real estate license. All North Carolina real estate professionals are licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC).

    If you have an active North Carolina real estate license and are interested in becoming a REALTOR®, please contact the local board/association of REALTORS® nearest you for additional information on becoming a member.

    Once you have your license, consider taking an extra step toward competence and professionalism by joining your local, state, and national associations of REALTORS®. Then, and only then, may you legally use the term “REALTOR®” following your name – a symbol that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the REALTOR® family and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.

    To join, ask your broker which local association of REALTORS® he or she belongs, then contact that local board for an application and additional instructions.

    What is the NC REALTORS®?

    NC REALTORS® (registered as The North Carolina Association of REALTORS® with the Secretary of State) is a trade association dedicated to providing members with opportunities and resources that help them do their jobs better. Our mission statement is succinct: “To promote the success of our members and enhance the Quality of Life in North Carolina.” The headquarters office is located at 4511 Weybridge Lane in Greensboro and can be reached at 336-294-1415.

    What is the North Carolina Real Estate Commission?

    The North Carolina Real Estate Commission (“Commission”) is an independent state governmental agency. The Commission’s primary function is to license and regulate real estate agents (persons and firms who sell, lease, etc. real estate for others). North Carolina’s 80,000-plus real estate agents are licensed as brokers. The Commission office is located at 1313 Navaho Drive in Raleigh and can be reached at 919-875-3700.

    How do I file a complaint against a REALTOR®?

    Complaints against REALTORS® should be filed with the NC Real Estate Commission. Click here for details on the procedure to file a complaint with the Commission.

    How do I setup my zipForm® account? Is there a fee?

    zipForm® is the official forms software for NC REALTORS®. The online version is available to you, as a member benefit, at no cost.

    To set up an account with zipForm®, visit and follow the steps, selecting NC REALTORS® from the drop down menu of associations. On your first visit, you’ll be asked to enter your NRDS number. Once you have completed this initial registration, logging in at zipForm® on subsequent visits will take only seconds.

    zipForm® is synched with the NAR database. If you have any changes to your company name, address, email or phone numbers, simply follow the directions here. Your changes will automatically update in zipForm®.

    In addition to zipForm®’s excellent, user-friendly website, customer service support is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by calling (586) 840-0140.

    What do I do if I'm having trouble with my zipForm® account?

    For issues regarding zipForm®, please contact their Tech Support Line Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by calling (586) 840-0140.

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    Local Board Directory
  • 2018 Executive Committee
    Leadership & Staff
  • Local Board Directory

    When the NC REALTORS® was incorporated in the mid-1930s, there were approximately 135 members in 10 local Boards representing: Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Salisbury, Wilmington and Winston-Salem.

    Today, thanks to the tremendous growth both in the state’s population and in the number of licensed REALTORS® – to 44,000 – there are 48 local boards within the state. While the local boards operate independently of NC REALTORS®, we are proud and appreciative of our relationship with them in advancing the REALTOR® cause.

    Board Contact Information

    Leadership & Staff

    NC REALTORS® Leadership Team
    • Amy Hedgecock President
      Amy Hedgecock, CPM, GRI
      Fowler & Fowler, Realtors
      P. O. Box 1796
      High Point, NC 27261
      Email »

    • Asa Fleming President-Elect
      Asa Fleming
      Allen Tate/Raleigh-Glenwood
      3201 Glenwood Avenue, Ste.101
      Raleigh, NC 27612
      Email »

    • Treasure Faircloth, CRS, GRI Immediate Past President
      Treasure Faircloth, CRS, GRI
      Allen Tate Company, Inc.
      147 S Cherry St
      Winston Salem,NC 27101
      Email »

    • Kelly Marks Treasurer
      Kelly Marks, ABR, CRS, GRI
      RE/MAX of Greensboro
      204 Muirs Chapel Road, Suite 100
      Greensboro, NC 27410
      Email »

    Staff Directory

    Executive Department
    • andrea bushnell image Andrea Bushnell, Esq.
      Chief Executive Officer
      4511 Weybridge Lane
      Greensboro,NC 27407
      Email »

    • Donna Peterson Donna Peterson
      Executive Assistant
      (336) 808-4221 x221
      Email »

      Contact Donna Peterson for help with: NC REALTORS® elections and annual awards.

    Administrative Department
    • Caitlin Thompson, Compliance Counsel and Director of Human Resources Caitlin Thompson
      Compliance Counsel
      (336) 217-1042 x142
      Email »

      Contact Caitlin Thompson for help with: NAR Core Standards, Ombudsman Program, Leadership/Board Trainings, NC REALTORS®️ William C. Bass Leadership Academy.

    • Monica Huckaby Monica Huckaby
      Professional Development Coordinator
      (336) 217-1051 x151
      Email »

      Contact Monica Huckaby for help with: Professional Standards Committee, Professional Standards Workshops and Mediation Programs, Education and class registration.

    • Kay Bailey Kay McCollum
      Legal Assistant
      (336) 808-4235 x235
      Email »

      Contact Kay McCollum for help with: Local association attorney seminars.

    • Caroline Main Caroline Sansom
      (336) 808-4220 x220
      Email »

      Contact Caroline Sansom for help with: General administrative information.

    Operations Department
    • Jessica Hughes Jessica Hughes
      Vice President of Operations
      Email »

      Contact Jessica Hughes for help with: Internal operations, NC REALTORS® Strategic initiatives, Human Resources.

    • Louis Mat Louis Mat
      IT Manager

    Finance Department
    • Bryan Jenkins, CPA Bryan Jenkins
      Chief Financial Officer
      (336) 294-3112 x252
      Email »

    • Denise Daly, Membership Manager Denise Daly
      Membership Manager
      (336) 808-4223 x223
      Email »

      Contact Denise Daly for help with: Member records.

    • Lee Ann Martin Lee Ann Martin
      Accounting Manager
      (336) 217-1048 x241
      Email »

    • Sherry Harris Sherry Harris
      RPAC/Accounting Assistant
      (336) 808-4230 x230
      Email »

      Contact Sherry Harris for help with: Accounting assistance.

    • Ashley Jackson Ashley Jackson
      Accounting Assistant
      (336) 808-4224 x224
      Email »

      Contact Ashley Jackson for help with: Accounting assistance.

    Business Development Department
    • Keri Epps-Rashad Keri Epps-Rashad
      Director of Business Development
      (336) 217-1049 x311
      Email »

      Contact Keri Epps-Rashad for help with: Sponsorships, Exhibiting, Advertising.

    • Maurice Brown Maurice Brown
      Partner Program Coordinator
      (336) 808-4231 x231
      Email »

      Contact Maurice Brown for help with: REALTOR® Partners Program, Service Corp.

    Communications & Marketing Department
    • Mckenzie Allen image Mckenzie Allen
      Vice President of Communications & Marketing
      (336) 808-4227 x227
      Email »

      Contact Mckenzie Allen for help with: NC REALTORS® marketing initiatives, Editorial content of Insight magazine, NC Young Professionals Network.

    • Samantha Ashburn Samantha Ashburn
      Digital Communications Manager
      (336) 808-4226 x226
      Email »

      Contact Samantha Ashburn for help with: NC REALTORS® website, NC REALTORS® social media platforms, Email communications.

    • Doug Klesch, Social Media & Multimedia Coordinator Doug Klesch
      Social Media & Multimedia Coordinator
      (336) 808-4225
      Email »

      Contact Doug Klesch for help with: Social Media, Video Production, Video Editing, Mobile Mondays.

    • Raquel Stubblefield Raquel Stubblefield
      Graphic Design Coordinator
      (336) 217-1044 x144
      Email »

      Contact Raquel Stubblefield for help with: NC REALTORS® logo or other brand elements.

    Events & Member Engagement Department
    • Mandy Lowe Mandy Lowe
      Vice President of Member Engagement
      (336) 808-4236 x236
      Email »

      Contact Mandy Lowe for help with: Special projects related to member engagement.

    • Rachel Branson, GRI Coordinator Rachel Branson
      Education Manager
      (336) 297-0439 X240
      Email »

      Contact Rachel Branson for help with: Professional Development opportunities.

    • Sarah Small Sarah Small
      Events Manager
      (336) 808-4232 x232
      Email »

      Contact Sarah Small for help with: Vision Quest/Winter Leadership Meetings, Legislative Meetings, Annual Convention, MIX Sessions.

    • Amy Kemp Amy Kemp
      Member Engagement Assistant
      (336) 217-1045 x145
      Email »

      Contact Amy Kemp for help with: Vision Quest/Winter Leadership Meetings, Legislative Meetings, Annual Convention, MIX Sessions, Property Management Division (PMD).

    • Savanna Tandski Savanna Tandski
      GRI Coordinator
      (336) 808-4239 x239
      Email »

      Contact Savanna Tandski for help with: Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI).

    Government Affairs Department
    • Cady Thomas Cady Thomas
      Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
      (919) 573-0996 x306
      Email »

      Contact Cady Thomas for help with: Legislative issues.

    • Mark Zimmerman, Senior Vice President of External Affairs Mark Zimmerman
      Senior Vice President of External Affairs
      Email »

      Contact Mark Zimmerman for help with: Government Affairs issues.

    • Nicole Arnold Nicole Arnold
      Director of Community Outreach & Local Government Affairs
      (336) 808-4237 x237
      Email »

      Contact Nicole Arnold for help with: The Housing Foundation or affordable housing, Workforce Housing Specialist Program, Shared Local Government Affairs Director Program, Matching grants and regional grants.

    • Seth Palmer Seth Palmer
      Political Communications & Regulatory Affairs Director
      (919) 573-0992 x302
      Email »

      Contact Seth Palmer for help with: Regulatory issues, NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section.

    • Kristin Nash, Director of Political Fundraising Kristin Nash
      Director of Political Fundraising
      (919) 573-0995 x305
      Email »

      Contact Kristin Nash for help with: State candidate funding, Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC and the Property Rights Fund, NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees.

    • Michael Landes Michael Landes
      Director of Political Operations
      (919) 573-0984 x384
      Email »

      Contact Michael Landes for help with: NC Homeowners Alliance, Independent expenditure campaigns, Broker Involvement Program, REALTORS® Commercial Alliance, Global Network.

    • Troi Hicks Photo Troi Hicks
      Local Government Affairs Director
      (336) 808-4223
      Email »

      Contact Troi Hicks for help with: Local Government Issues.

    • Nick Scarci Nick Scarci
      Local Government Affairs Director
      (336) 808-4234 x234
      Email »

      Contact Nick Scarci for help with: Local government issues.

    • Katharine Wendt
      State Grassroots Coordinator
      919-573-0988 x. 388
      Email »

      Contact Katharine Wendt for help with: Grassroots mobilization.

    • Jordan Forrest Jordan Forrest
      Political Fundraising Coordinator
      (919) 573-0991 301
      Email »

      Contact Jordan Forrest for help with: Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC.

    Past Presidents

    Past Presidents 1922 - Present
    • 1922 – David White, Greensboro
    • 1923 – W. G. Jerome, Winston Salem
    • 1924 – Frank E. Harlan, Charlotte
    • 1925 – Henry T. Sharp, Durham
    • 1926 – W. F. Franck, Durham
    • 1927 – A. K. Moore, Sr., Greensboro
    • 1928 – B. Frank Gudger, Asheville
    • 1929 – C. C. Smithdeal, Sr., Winston-Salem
    • 1930 – V. O. Baker, Raleigh
    • 1931 – W. A. Fonvielle, Wilmington
    • 1932 – James H. Carson, Charlotte
    • 1933 – George P. Georghegan, Greensboro
    • 1934 – Alphonsus Cobb, Durham
    • 1935 – R. P. Booth, Asheville
    • 1936 – J. Ivan Clendenin, Raleigh
    • 1937 – H. Kapp Ogburn, Winston-Salem
    • 1938 – Ed E. Mendenhall, High Point
    • 1939 – S. T. Henderson, Charlotte
    • 1940 – Kemp C. Clendenin, Sr., Greensboro
    • 1941 – L. W. Moore, Wilmington
    • 1942 – Plott Boyd, Asheville
    • 1943 – Ed M. Shepherd, Winston-Salem
    • 1944 – Ed V. Denton, Raleigh
    • 1945 – C. E. Phillips, Sr., Durham
    • 1946 – Henry Koontz, High Point
    • 1947 – J. Edens Barrentine, Charlotte
    • 1948 – Hoyt W. Boone, Greensboro
    • 1949 – Francis B. Kemp, Reidsville
    • 1950 – J. T. Chiott, Asheville
    • 1951 – Paul B. Guthery, Charlotte
    • 1952 – Thomas G. Hildebrandt, Durham
    • 1953 – Paul G. Minish, Winston-Salem
    • 1954 – Leon M. Ham, Greensboro
    • 1955 – Richard A. Shew, Wilmington
    • 1956 – Charles W. Bradshaw, Raleigh
    • 1957 – C. E. Phillips, Jr., Durham
    • 1958 – Ed L. Vinson, Charlotte
    • 1959 – C. Cliff Cameron, Charlotte
    • 1960 – J. Alton Stanford, High Point
    • 1961 – O. I. Wrenn, Greensboro
    • 1962 – Glenn M. Tucker, Raleigh
    • 1963 – DeLacy E. Wyman, Charlotte
    • 1964 – Joseph A. Robb, Durham
    • 1965 – B. C. Parker, Jr., Burlington
    • 1966 – Kemp C. Clendenin, Jr., Greensboro
    • 1967 – Charles P. Landt, Raleigh
    • 1968 – David L. Godwin, Fayetteville
    • 1969 – Henry A. Nading, Winston-Salem
    • 1970 – C. H. Touchberry, Charlotte
    • 1971 – Clarence B. Beasley, New Bern
    • 1972 – A. P. Carlton, Greensboro
    • 1973 – Stephen R. Kenney, Raleigh
    • 1974 – Thomas R. Lawing, Sr.
    • 1975 – Allen D. Aldridge, Durham
    • 1976 – William D. Seawell, Sr., Greensboro
    • 1977 – L. David Berryhill, Jr., Charlotte
    • 1978 – Zack H. Bacon, Jr., Raleigh
    • 1979 – Anne M. Allen, Greensboro
    • 1980 – J. Harold Craven, High Point
    • 1981 – Chet Snow, Sr., Charlotte
    • 1982 – A. C. Robbins, Chapel Hill
    • 1983 – June Dinkins, Winston-Salem
    • 1984 – Elmer Jenkins, Blowing Rock
    • 1985 – Charles R. Baskerville, Jr., Asheville
    • 1986 – Betsy Anne Bradshaw, Raleigh
    • 1987 – Thomas H. Heffner, Chapel Hill
    • 1988 – James A. Basinger, Jr., Charlotte
    • 1989 – Joseph L. Clark, Greensboro
    • 1990 – Wanda J. Proffitt, Burnsville
    • 1991 – G. Nick Angel, Kernersville
    • 1992 – Ben Ball, Morehead City
    • 1993 – John Carroll, Asheville
    • 1994 – John Hamrick, Durham
    • 1995 – Micki Fisher, Charlotte
    • 1996 – Scott Rooth, Cashiers
    • 1997 – Bob Fowler, High Point
    • 1998 – Ted Kelly, Winston-Salem
    • 1999 – Thomas R. Lawing, Jr., Charlotte
    • 2000 – Myra Zollinger, Chapel Hill
    • 2001 – Bob Measamer, Fayetteville
    • 2002 – William C. Bass, Asheville
    • 2003 – Connie Corey, Greenville
    • 2004 – Ronnie Thompson, Valdese
    • 2005 – Vic Knight, Hillsborough
    • 2006 – Cindy Chandler, Charlotte
    • 2007 – Danny Brock, Wilmington
    • 2008 – Wendell Bullard, Durham
    • 2009 – Sandra O’Connor, Greensboro
    • 2010 – Mary Edna Williams, Raleigh
    • 2011 – Stephanie Walker, Kill Devil Hills
    • 2012 – Lou Baldwin, Winston-Salem
    • 2013 – Patrice Willetts, Wilmington
    • 2014 – Tomp Litchfield, Washington
    • 2015 – Tony Smith, Charlotte
    • 2016 – Kim Dawson, Durham
    • 2017 – Treasure Faircloth, Winston Salem

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