Is Solar Energy Practical for Residential Use?

Barn Conversion with Solar PanelsSolar energy. Solar panels. We’ve all heard these words, but what do they really mean, and is solar power even a viable option for homeowners? Keep reading for more information on solar power and its efficacy for NC homes.

What Is It?
Solar energy is electricity derived from the solar molecules given off by the sun’s rays.

What Are Solar Panels?
Solar panels are actually made of several smaller units, called photovoltaic cells. These panels absorb sunlight to convert it into energy.

How Do Solar Panels Work?
The photovoltaic cells that make up solar panels collect the photons, or particles of light, that are emitted by the sun. These photons knock electrons free from atoms, which creates electricity. The panel collects this energy and a system of attached other units, including a controller, battery and converter, transmit the energy to electrical wiring for usage. If there is no sunlight to collect photons from, the panel is unable to generate energy, making it ideal for consistently sunny locations, but not areas that experience lots of cloud coverage.

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