#MemberMonday: DeDe Cunningham

Welcome to #MemberMonday, a weekly feature that spotlights one of our awesome NC REALTORS®. This week’s member is DeDe Cunningham!

Name: DeDe Fister Cunningham
Team: DeDe’s Real Estate Group LLC – Keller Williams of Greensboro
Hometown: Originally from Hamburg, PA
Current location: Oak Ridge, NC  – just outside of Greensboro
Title: REALTOR®, Broker and NC Licensed General Contractor
Number of years in the industry: 7

Why I love what I do: Real estate has become my passion. I feel fortunate that I am able to have a team and be able to assist other REALTORS® in making a living and supporting their families. I love working for myself and deciding from day to day where my business is headed. Having the flexibility to set my own schedule has allowed me opportunities with my family that I otherwise couldn’t have done in a typical 9-5 job. Although not every day is rainbows and sunshine, at the end of the year when my son’s college bills are all paid in full and I’ve had time to take trips with my family AND help 85 families realize their dream of home ownership, I’m very happy to be a REALTOR®.

Favorite work story: I was showing homes to an out of town buyer and his wife and they asked me why I always rang the doorbell AND knocked, then got the key from the lockbox, then rang the doorbell and knocked AGAIN before opening the door and entering the home. I explained that once in a while sellers forgot about showings or got days messed up and I didn’t want to surprise someone in the bathroom, get attacked by a loose dog, or see anyone naked. They laughed and said they just could not imagine seeing a naked person at a showing. Well about three homes later we were standing in the great room of a home after being in the home for about 5 minutes, and out walks a NAKED MAN! Yup – he had forgotten about the showing. Well after everyone got calmed down and the seller got dressed, we got back in the car and had a big old laugh. They couldn’t believe we had actually seen that!

What I’m most proud of in my career: I decided to get my real estate license after struggling to find work for a number of years. In the few years I have been in the real estate industry, I have managed to become one of the top agents in the Triad. I am consistently in the top 1% of local agents selling $16-$18 million in personal volume per year and my team sells $20-$22 million per year. Looking back, I was unemployed/laid off in 2007 with no income and now in 2017 my name and signs are all over the Triad. I did that! : )

Why I’m a member of NC REALTORS®: Because NC REALTORS® is THE professional organization for realtors who want to stay up to date on the latest industry news and updates.

Fun Fact: I love to run and started running when I was 39 years old. I typically run 15-20 miles or more every week and run several half marathons each year, along with numerous 5K and 10K events for charity. My running medals hang in my office to motivate me to always push myself to be better and do more. I’ve also been playing the drums since fourth grade!

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