#MemberMonday: Jackie Lynaugh

Welcome to #MemberMonday, a feature that spotlights of our epic NC REALTORS®. This week’s member is Jackie Lynaugh!

Name:  Jackie Lynaugh
Hometown:  Chapel Hill, NC
Title:  Broker/REALTOR®
Number of years in the industry:  17

Why I love what I do:  There is a place in heaven for first-rate REALTORS®. We take the needs of other families first. Buying or selling a home, and I’ve been there personally on the other side of a transaction, is emotional, stressful, and overwhelming to say the least. What I love is being the first-rate REALTOR® that removes all the chaos.

Favorite work story:  A seller’s side of a luxury home interview. The seller, whom I did not know, called me and asked me to come over as they wanted to list with me. As I was leaving for the appointment, I realized I did not know this person. So I took my pepper spray, checked it to make sure it worked and left for my appointment. Never fathomed I got pepper spray on my finger. During the interview, as we walked around the home, I rubbed my nose. Just as the male homeowner introduced himself as a judge and his wife as a prosecutor from the neighboring county, my nose felt like it was on fire, but I held it together. As we sat at the kitchen table to sign the listing agreement, tears started to roll. It turned out to be the hottest listing I’ve ever got.

What I’m most proud of in my career:  It’s not always about the money a real estate broker makes. It’s about helping families find their dream home. And satisfaction sets in when they move into their nest egg. That makes me proud to be an NC REALTOR®.

Why I’m a member of NC REALTORS®: I love saying I am an NC REALTOR®. I make dreams come true.

Fun facts about me: I am also a Drone Pilot, a published author, and a REALTOR®. www.JackieLynaugh.com

What made you decide to become a member of NC REALTORS?  It is required by our MLS to be a REALTOR®. Rules are rules, and most REALTORS® get it.

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