#MemberMonday: Rosemary Buerger

Welcome to #MemberMonday, a weekly feature that spotlights one of our awesome NC REALTORS®. This week’s member is Rosemary Buerger!

Name: Rosemary Buerger
Hometown: Haworth, NJ
Current location: Spring Lake, NC
Title: Broker Associate
Number of years in the industry: 9

Rosemary BuergerWhy I love what I do: I love that every home is unique, and every seller is special despite the fact that they’re all working towards the same goal: Sold. I enjoy helping others and am a bit motherly towards my clients. I love the marketing and opportunities I’ve encountered to tell their stories in hopes that it ignites a spark with a potential buyer for their home.

Favorite work story: Oh wow, there are so many. So many of my clients remain friends beyond our transaction. I have two families that stick out to me. I was on floor opportunity time and a young woman came in to inquire about purchasing a home. She and her fiancé were going to buy it together. I watched them go from a young couple, to a married couple, to parents. It’s rewarding to witness a beautiful life unfold. The other would be assisting my daughter’s best friend, a young woman who is like a daughter to me, purchase her first home with her husband and son. Watching them begin their lives together in that home is so special to me. Then there is my elderly client I meet for milkshake dates on occasion. They all are favorites.

What I’m most proud of in my career: I am proud of many accomplishments as a REALTOR®. Helping families achieve their goals is rewarding beyond anything I do. On a personal level, I’m proud of being a graduate of the NC REALTORS® William C Bass Leadership Academy in 2016. It was challenging in many ways, but was also the most rewarding thing I’ve accomplished on a personal level as a REALTOR®.

Why I’m a member of NC REALTORS®:  I believe in being a part of this great community of REALTORS® for many reasons. I am a member because I advocate for homeowner’s rights. I am a member because I believe in the power of R, REALTOR®. I am a member because I want to make a difference and learn along the way. I am a member because I believe in giving back.

Fun Fact: I’m a car karaoke singer. I put on full performances on long drives to see our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I can speak in many accents, especially if the person I’m talking to has a distinct one. I’m particularly good at the Irish lilt and British accents, but can pull off a good Dutch and German accent as well. I have a listener’s ear which helps me pick up on them quickly. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

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