National Women’s History Month Spotlight: Angala Macy

Celebrating Angala Macy for National Women's History Month

What leadership roles do/did you hold in the real estate industry?

Broker Owner of my own business

President of the Union County Association of REALTORS®


What is your role in the industry today?


What is your role in NC REALTORS® today?

Active leadership role

What years were you active in the industry?

1993 – Current

What years were you active in NC REALTORS®?

1993 – Current

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in the industry?

Helping to rebuild my local association the past three years. It has been one of my greatest challenges and is finally paying off! Membership is growing steadily and you can just feel the energy. We are no longer begging for volunteers – they are asking to join and help! We started an affiliate program a year and a half ago with only one member, and we are on track to have nearly 50 members by year’s end. It’s such a great feeling when you have members wanting to engage and help out not only in the association but in the community as well. UCAR is back and PROUD to be NC REALTORS®!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an NC REALTOR®?

After 25 years I feel I’ve grown up in this industry. It has helped me raise my children as a single mother. As hard as it was, that to me was a huge accomplishment! Other subtle accomplishments are when agents let me know how much they appreciated me helping and mentoring them when they first started out. When I first started I had a great agent tell me, “Never be afraid to teach or share what you are doing. There is enough business for all of us with plenty to spare.” I have lived by that rule for 25 years and it’s as true today as it was then.

What were the greatest challenges you faced in the industry?

Surviving constant changes to the industry and being able to change with it.

Have you been inspired by other NC REALTOR® women throughout the years? Please name them here and briefly describe how they have impacted you, the industry or the association.

There have been two women that greatly inspired me. The first was Joyce Maddalon. She passed way too young but left a lasting impression as I mentioned in the above quote. (“Never be afraid to Teach or Share what you are doing. There is enough business for all of us with plenty to spare.”) The second woman is Carol Tyson, just recently retired. To me she is someone I just can not compete with when it comes to her constant compassion and temperament with others. She is an outstanding community figure that is always looking out for others more than herself. She is someone that just never stops giving. Her honesty is matched only by the beauty of her integrity.

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