National Women’s History Month Spotlight: Lolita Malave

Celebrating Lolita Malave or National Women's History Month

What leadership roles do/did you hold in the real estate industry?

Branch Leader/Sales Manager for Allen Tate REALTORS® Green Valley Branch, Former Director of Agent Opportunities for RE/MAX Realty Consultants

What leadership roles do/did you hold in NC REALTORS®?

NC REALTORS® Executive Committee-current, NC REALTORS® RPAC Vice Chair, FPC for Congresswoman Alma Adams, SPC for Senator Gladys Robinson, NC REALTORS® BOD, Past Legislative Committee chair, Past RPAC Trustee, Past Greensboro Regional Association President, Chair of various committees.

What is your role in the industry today?


What is your role in NC REALTORS® today?

Active leadership role

What years were you active in the industry?


What years were you active in NC REALTORS®?


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in the industry?

Consistently providing the best quality of service to my clients in the purchase of their home, while being respectful to my fellow REALTORS®.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an NC REALTOR®?

Having the opportunity to serve in various elected/appointed leadership roles to the betterment of the association. I have had the experience of learning from the best, and at some moments, the chance to mentor the best.

What were the greatest challenges you faced in the industry?

The recession was so difficult. I was dealing with an aging parent, a growing child and no business to speak of to support either. It was a couple of years of reaching back to the basics and rebuilding a business out of the ashes.

What were the greatest challenges you faced as an NC REALTOR®?

I think the greatest challenge is knowing that change is slow coming and having to accept that. I am SO type “A” and truly believed I could effect change on my timeline. I had to realize and accept that change is a process and it takes time to see the changes.

Have you been inspired by other NC REALTOR® women throughout the years? Please name them here and briefly describe how they have impacted you, the industry or the association.

I am inspired by a few women for very different reasons.

Betty Smith was in Greensboro leadership and opened the door for me through an appointment for NC REALTORS® leadership. She said to me “I see the quality of leadership in you, and I want everyone else to see it as well.” That meant so much to me and is the reason I am where I am today.

Sandra O’Connor is an influence for me on a daily basis as I am fortunate to work with her. I watched Sandra during her presidency deal with a very difficult situation with grace and fairness. At that moment I knew she was the type of woman I needed to model myself after as a leader in this organization.

And finally Patrice Willetts. Patrice made me so proud when she said in an RPAC funding meeting that we needed to support those who supported us. And to let those that did not support us know why they were not being supported. And that we should be vocal about it. This is not always the popular stance in a political world, but it sure is the right thing to do.

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