Taking Full Advantage of Core Marketing Platforms

Google AdWords and Facebook have new marketing features. Check it out.

By Paul Salley, Manager of Marketing Strategy & Business Development

It is no secret that there are a few digital marketing platforms that set the gold standard for key performance indicators (KPIs) regarding growing your bottom line. Two of these proven platforms are Google AdWords and Facebook. There is continued competition that challenges these marketing juggernauts. Some of these competitive platforms have niche strengths that outshine specific components of the AdWords and Facebook platforms. However, very few can touch the expansive features these two giants provide to digital marketers.

Here are some updated features that can help you in your digital marketing:


Facebook now allows boosted posts with target demographic data layered on top. They also offer the ability to market to your list of uploaded email addresses, leverage retargeting to those who visited your website and track actionable conversions thanks to code produced by Facebook and placed on your website.


Google’s AdWords advertising platform continues to be one of Google’s core services. Some updated features include the ability to add specific geographic targets, layer on demographic information to target audiences and create and market only to specific websites that are pulled based on interests.

To fully understand and access all elements of these platforms to benefit your bottom line in the form of trackable leads, it requires time and dedication. We recommended that a brokerage, agent or team that wishes to unleash the power of these platforms hire a fully dedicated team member who has a deep understanding of the platforms.

Another alternative is to employ an agency, such as REAL Trends, that specializes in online and digital marketing. Want help? Call us today at 303-741-1000.

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