2024 Hill Visits

2024 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings

Washington, D.C. –  May 4-9, 2024

NC REALTORS® Hill Visits: NC REALTORS® will have a meeting with our Senators on Wednesday, May 8 at 9:00 a.m. and light refreshments will be provided. There will also be a lunch at Bullfeathers on May 8 to accommodate any members on the hill that day. To RVSP for Congressional visits and the Bullfeathers lunch, click here.

Summary of Events

NC REALTORS® Meet with SenatorsWednesday, May 8 | 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Kennedy Caucus Room | Russell Senate Office Building Room: 325
Light refreshments provided.

Individual Hill Visits with Members of Congress, Wednesday May 8 | Various Times
Click here to RSVP for your District Meeting.

NC REALTORS® Lunch, Wednesday, May 8 | 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Bullfeathers, 410 First Street SE

Federal Political Coordinators

Every member of Congress is assigned a REALTOR® called a Federal Political Coordinator or FPC. FPCs are a specially selected group of 535 REALTORS® who are the voice and the face of real estate to our federal lawmakers, playing a pivotal role in REALTOR® Party Outreach. To find out about any future meetings or events with your Congressperson, please reach out to your FPC below.


Please check this website frequently for updates.

Ted Budd

Senator Ted Budd

Federal Political Coordinator: Brooke Cashion

Thom Tillis

Senator Thom Tillis

Federal Political Coordinator: Tony Smith

Rep. Don Davis headshot

District 1 – Representative Don Davis

Federal Political Coordinator: Connie Corey

Deborah Ross

District 2 – Representative Deborah Ross

Federal Political Coordinator: Leslie Williams

Gregory Murphy

District 3 – Representative Gregory Murphy

Federal Political Coordinator: Christina Asbury

Rep. Valerie Foushee headshot

District 4 – Representative Valerie Foushee

Federal Political Coordinator: Brett Bushnell

Virginia Foxx

District 5 –  Representative Virginia Foxx

Federal Political Coordinator: William Aceto

District 6 – Representative Kathy Manning

Federal Political Coordinator: Kelly Marks

David Rouzer

District 7 – Representative David Rouzer

Federal Political Coordinator: Bob Bates

Dan Bishop

District 8 – Representative Dan Bishop

Federal Political Coordinator: Carol Bradley

Richard Hudson

District 9 – Representative Richard Hudson

Federal Political Coordinator: Bradley Cohen

Patrick McHenry

District 10 – Representative Patrick McHenry

Federal Political Coordinator: Tamara Coley

Rep. Chuck Edwards headshot

District 11 – Representative Chuck Edwards

Federal Political Coordinator: Scott Barfield

Alma Adams

District 12 – Representative Alma Adams

Federal Political Coordinator: Brenda Hayden

Rep. Wiley Nickel headshot

District 13 – Representative Wiley Nickel

Federal Political Coordinator: Margaret Sophie

Rep. Jeff Jackson headshot

District 14 – Representative Jeff Jackson

Federal Political Coordinator: Beverly Newell

Contact with Questions

Kristin Nash headshot

Kristin Nash

Director of Political Fundraising

(919) 573-0995 x305
  • NC REALTORS® PAC fundraising
  • State candidate funding
  • Corporate fundraising oppurtunities
  • NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees
  • Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs)

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