5 Tips For Working With Clients Who Have Disabilities

Disability Awareness Month is an opportunity to educate yourself and your clients on the importance of understanding and respecting the rights of people with disabilities. Real estate professionals who are aware of the needs and rights of people with disabilities are better equipped to provide services that are tailored to meet their individual needs. Additionally, by showing that they recognize Disability Awareness Month, agents can demonstrate their commitment to creating an inclusive environment for their clients and their communities.

5 Tips For Working With Clients Who Have Disabilities
1. Make sure to ask clients about their needs and preferences before showing houses. Ask about special accommodations that may be needed, such as ramps or accessible bathrooms.

2. Make sure to prepare a list of accessible properties that meet the client’s needs. Make sure to include information such as accessibility features, location, and pricing.

3. Take the time to explain the details of the house, such as the accessibility features, and make sure to emphasize the positives of the property.

4. Always be respectful of the client’s needs and preferences – be patient and understanding.

5. When in doubt, consult with a specialist or other experts who are knowledgeable about working with clients who have disabilities.


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