the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team are the leading advocates at the local, state, and national levels.


NC REALTORS®: The Voice of North Carolina Real Estate

As the only voice specifically focused on protecting North Carolina’s real estate industry, the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team are the leading advocates at the local, state, and national levels. Through legislative and regulatory engagement, political involvement, political fundraising through NC REALTORS® PAC, and consumer outreach through the NC Homeowners Alliance, the REALTOR® voice is there to protect YOUR business and YOUR industry.

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Government Affairs Contacts
  • Cady Thomas Cady Thomas
    Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
    (919) 573-0996 x306
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    Contact Cady Thomas for help with: Legislative issues.

  • Seth Palmer Seth Palmer
    Political Communications & Regulatory Affairs Director
    (919) 573-0992 x302
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    Contact Seth Palmer for help with: Regulatory issues, NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section.

  • Nicole Arnold Nicole Arnold
    Director of Community Outreach & Local Government Affairs
    (336) 808-4237 x237
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    Contact Nicole Arnold for help with: Homes4NC or affordable housing, Workforce Housing Specialist Program, Shared Local Government Affairs Director Program, Matching grants and regional grants.

  • Kristin Nash Kristin Nash
    Director of Political Fundraising
    (919) 573-0995 x305
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    Contact Kristin Nash for help with: State candidate funding, Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC and the Property Rights Fund, NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees.

  • Michael Landes Michael Landes
    Director of Political Operations
    (919) 573-0984 x384
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    Contact Michael Landes for help with: NC Homeowners Alliance, Independent expenditure campaigns, Broker Involvement Program, REALTORS® Commercial Alliance, Global Network.

  • Susanna Hailey Susanna Hailey
    Political Operations Manager & Local Government Affairs Director
    (919) 573-0989 x389
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    Contact Susanna Hailey for help with: Grassroots mobilization, Local government issues, NC Homeowners Alliance, NC Young Professionals Network.

  • Troi Hicks Photo Troi Hicks
    Local Government Affairs Director
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    Contact Troi Hicks for help with: Local Government Issues.

  • Nick Scarci Nick Scarci
    Local Government Affairs Director
    (336) 808-4234 x234
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    Contact Nick Scarci for help with: Local government issues.

  • Dakota Cary Dakota Cary
    State Grassroots Coordinator
    (919) 573-0988 x388
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    Contact Dakota Cary for help with: Grassroots mobilization, NC Homeowners Alliance.

  • Jordan Forrest Jordan Forrest
    Political Fundraising Coordinator
    (919) 573-0991 301
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    Contact Jordan Forrest for help with: Fundraising for NC REALTORS® PAC.

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