Disaster Planning Podcast

Hurricane season is still with us – are you prepared?

On this episode, we present to you an extended discussion about hurricane preparation and recovery featuring CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®, Cynthia Walsh and Darlene Spivey of the Neuse River Region Association and Washington Beaufort Association of REALTORS®.

These are Cynthia and Darlene’s disaster relief tips to help you prepare for the next storm:

  • Sign up for YOUR Municipal & County Government email updates (all departments), Facebook groups, etc
  • Sign up for CodeRED Emergency Alerts for YOUR Municipalities and County
  • Sign up for County Emergency Services emails, Facebook, etc
  • Sign up for NC Emergency Management emails, Facebook, etc
  • Sign up for YOUR Sheriffs/Police/etc emails, Facebook, etc
  • Sign up for YOUR State & Federal Legislators emails, Facebook, etc
  • FEMA
  • DisasterAssistance.gov
  • Red Cross
  • NCDOT road closures

For associations:

  • Determine if there is a coordinating group in your area that handles food donations, etc and get on their mailing list and make connections.  For our area, one group handled all the large food donations from other states, shelter needs, etc.
  • Consider creating a closed members-only Facebook Group – get it populated with as many members as you can now – you would be shocked at how many people on social media during a disaster!
  • Text Messaging service – it may be the ONLY way to communicate with your members
  • Have everyone’s phone number you may need to call in your phone AND on a printed phone list (think of anyone you may reach out to for help)
  • Have a copy of all important documents with you (Bylaws, Rules & Regs, Policy, Insurance, Payroll, etc)

Visit NC REALTORS® disaster planning resource page at ncrealtors.org/hurricaneresources where you can find links to preparedness and recovery resources.

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