NC REALTORS® Elections

The online elections to elect the 2020 NC REALTORS® President-Elect, Treasurer, Regional Vice Presidents, Finance and Budget Committee members, Issues Mobilization Committee member and NAR Director will take place from 12:00:01 am on Monday, August 12 to 11:59:59 pm on Thursday August 15, 2019. REALTOR® members and Association Executives are eligible to vote and must have had their member information reported in the NC REALTORS® NRDS system before July 14.

How to Vote:

On August 12, eligible members may access the voting site at or through this website by clicking on the “Vote” banner at the top of our home page. If you use an ad blocker, you may need to turn off the ad blocker software and refresh the page.

On the voting site, log in with your:

1)  NRDS number and,
2)  Your email address reported in your member record. If your current email does not work, you may not have updated with your local board and will need to try another email address. Only the NRDS/email combination sent to the voting service on July 15 will work to access the ballot.

Contact your local Association if you do not know your NRDS number or are unsure what email is currently shown in your member record. If, after obtaining  the correct information from your local Association, you are still having problems voting, contact Donna Peterson at An email response will be provided during business hours, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Special Note: While the voting website is available at any time of day during August 12-15, if you need assistance accessing the ballot, you can only reach NCR staff from 8:30 am-5:00 pm and staff can only reach the voting service during the same hours. Most questions can be resolved quickly, however, if we need to contact the voter service, it may take several hours to correct information to allow access to the ballot. We suggest that if you are voting on August 15, the last day the polls are open, that you vote early in the day. We may not be able to resolve your issue in time for you to vote if you contact us later that day.

Election results will be posted on our website by the 3:00 pm on August 16.

Candidate Information

President-Elect (Elect one candidate)

Wendy Harris HeadshotWendy Harris, ABR, CIPS, CRS, MRP
Longleaf Pine REALTORS®

As a second-generation REALTOR®; I know the value of “Building Bridges” among REALTORS®, within our Communities, Industry and Associations.  As your 2021 NCR President, my focus will be to continue “Building Bridges” in order to strengthen our REALTOR® nation and create more efficient pathways to benefit you, our REALTOR® members.

Bridges are built with a vision, solid foundations and determination.  I have the strong foundation and experience to serve on your 2020-2022 Leadership Team as an NCR Leadership Academy graduate and most recently serving on the NCR Finance Committee and as 2019 Legislative Chair. Additionally, I have served on many NCR standing committees, as an NCR Director, Director of Service Corp and Property Management Division Chair.

After working with NC REALTORS® and its members on the streets of hurricane ravaged neighborhoods and serving Habitat for Humanity; I was appointed to the NC Disaster Recovery Coalition by the Governor.  Relationships with our legislatures, working side by side with our staff and fellow REALTORS®, and advocating on key issues such as orphan roads, insurance and property rights have been a longstanding passion of mine.

In the coming years, our industry and our communities will continue to face disruptors.  We have the choice to respond or react to disruptors.  Through preparation and diligence, we can face challenges as a united front.  As a strong leader for NC REALTORS®, I will continue to spread the message that NC REALTORS® is here to support and protect our members, their local Associations, and property owners.

Your vote and support are appreciated in order to allow me to continue “Building Bridges” for NC REALTORS® by expanding our vision based on our solid foundation within our Association, Communities and Industry.

Click HERE for Wendy’s bio.


Kelly Marks HeadshotKelly Marks, ABR, CRS, GRI
Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association


When was the last time someone told you, “you matter”? Was it from a client? When you were doing volunteer work for a school, place of worship, charity or something else in your community? Maybe just after a bad day? Well, the fact is: “REALTORS® MATTER,” not just to NCR, but in the above situations and so much more. You are a Realtor® no matter what “hat” you wear because you represent your profession. My career as a Realtor® in leadership roles, including but not limited to Presidents of GRRA, TRIAD MLS, and Service Corporation, RPAC Trustee, RVP Region 5 and NCR Treasurer for four years, has been one of transparency, integrity and encouraging Realtors® to do their best and feel good about the impact they make every day. I  have served on the NCR Executive Committee with six Presidents and fought hard for my fellow members  to create greater value in your membership by providing all members with services such as the Legal and Technology Hotlines, zipForm and the Realtor® Partners Program with vendors that SAVE you money and, in turn, MAKE you money! I have been engaged in NCR legislative affairs with visits to Raleigh and Washington, D.C. and worked with elected officials for over 18 consecutive years. I want to continue my history of proven and diligent leadership as your President because YOU MATTER to me! I encourage you to learn more about me and my plans for NCR by visiting my Facebook website at, as well as invite you to email me at or text or call me at (336) 338-6012. I would appreciate your support and, most importantly, WANT your VOTE on August 12-15. I look forward to our journey together as we continue to put Realtors® first because “Realtors® Matter.”

Treasurer (Elect one candidate)

Delores Knudsen headshotDelores  Knudsen, GRI
Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

During my 22 plus years as a REALTOR® in our great state, I have been blessed in so many ways by this industry.  The experiences and educational experiences that have been afforded me through both my business experience and my service are parallel to none.  The depth of knowledge I have gained is remarkable. I long to continue to repay my fellow REALTORS® with continued service assisting in protecting our industry and the private property rights of our citizens.

In 2003 I was appointed by my firm to serve as a director on the Board of Directors of the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.  That was when I realized the business of buying and selling real property is much bigger than I could have ever imagined and the ability to be part of advancing this industry in even a small way was an honor. In 2006, I ran for a director position on the board of the Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association and was thrilled to gain that seat.  In 2009 I was elected treasurer and in 2011 became president. This was a time in our industry when critical financial decisions were made.  I believe, my leadership during that time led, in some small way to the fiscal stability of the Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association today.

I have served as NCR Region 8 RVP and as a member of the NCR Finance Committee, currently serving my second term.   In addition, I have served three non-consecutive terms on the NCR Professional Standards Committee.  I have also served as an NAR director.  I was given the privilege to be sent by my local association to Chicago to take part in NAR mediation training.  I believe my experience, my dedication and my passion make me the right person for the position of Treasurer of NC REALTORS®.

Issues Mobilization Committee (Elect one candidate)

Kim Dawson HeadshotKim Dawson, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES
Durham Regional Association of REALTORS®

As NC REALTORS®’ 2016 President, I experienced every piece of NCR’s puzzle that makes us what we are today. I know the value each committee brings to the success of NCR. Issues Mobilization is a key component to NCR’s advocacy efforts which includes keeping our members and the public informed of issues affecting our industry and homeownership. I am aware how important communications are, specifically the delivery of detailed information to our members, our legislatures and the public. The Issues Mobilization Committee gives me the opportunity to continue to serve NC REALTORS® and keep our members and others connected with information that helps them make informed decisions for our industry.

Giving Back to the profession that helps support me and my family is the core of my beliefs. Being involved at NCR, as well as NAR and with my local Associations has given me the opportunity to do just that as well as make a difference for others in our profession and communities. Your vote is a vote for strong and committed representation to keep our industry vibrant and you informed.

Finance Committee (Elect three candidates)

Kelly Ross Benton HeadshotKelly Ross Benton
Union County Association of REALTORS®

I am honored to have the opportunity to give a statement of candidacy for NC Realtors® Finance Committee.

In 1994, I began a career in Real Estate that has proven to be rewarding in countless ways. I am a third generation Realtor® and am passionate about the Realtor® brand, our great industry, and how we empower the communities around us. I immediately became involved with my local association and served in multiple capacities throughout the years.

Ethics, professional standards, and the influence of legislation on our industry have been and continue to be passions that capture my focus. As Core Standards Director, I observed how the requirement of compliance catapulted our association to a higher standard of excellence, engagement, advocacy, and community outreach. In 2017, I had the great pleasure of graduating from NC Realtors® William C Bass Leadership Academy. I made a decision to serve beyond the boundary of my local association and to give back to an industry that has blessed my life and my family.

I am committed to the preservation of our Realtor® standard. I want to work to preserve the dream of homeownership and property owner’s rights, to address the glaring issue of affordable housing, and continue to leverage technology as we advance our brand with emerging trends. My experience includes projected budget planning, lean organization management, audit compliance, and financial solvency for multiple organizations. Thank you for your support!

NAR Housing Opportunity Committee 2019-2020
NC Realtors® Disaster Relief Trustee-2018-2019
NC Realtors® Housing Foundation Board of Directors 2018-2020, Vice President 2019
NC Realtors® Legislative Committee 2018-2019
William C Bass Leadership Academy 2017
RPAC Chairman UCAR 2016-2017, 2-year Triple Crown Award Winner
UCAR Committees multiple years: Legislative Chairman, By-Laws, Professional Standards
President UCAR-2005
Secretary UCAR-2003
UCAR Board of Directors multiple years
Realtor® of the Year UCAR-2001



Phillip Johnson HeadshotPhillip Johnson, GRI
Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®

As the President and owner of a small business I understand the importance of having and following a budget.  Additionally, I have served as the Treasurer of my local association for the previous two years.  I am a graduate of the 2018 Central Carolina Regional Leadership Academy and am currently a member of the 2019 class of the William Bass NC Realtors® and I have a background in finance in accounting. The benefits I have received from being involved in the Realtor® association have been overwhelming and I feel a great debt and a duty to pay it forward through service to this great organization for which I am passionate about. It would be my greatest honor to serve the North Carolina Association of Realtors®.



Adam Upchurch HeadshotAdam Upchurch, SPS
Topsail Island Association of REALTORS®

The qualities and attributes mentioned in your committee position requirements are only the beginning of what I can offer. Over the past 15 years, I have utilized my expertise to both develop and grow several businesses across the country. I have personally managed over 1,500 branch banking locations, more than 100 vendors, and a number of employees.  I currently serve as President for the Topsail Island Association of Realtors®.

Utilizing my corporate and field experience, I support relationships and communicate effectively with customers, executives, and investors on a regular basis. I bring a synergy to jumpstart the company and employees I work among.  I have also served as Treasurer for the Topsail Island Association of Realtors® and have prepared multiple budgets over the past few years. Serving as President of a local association means that I have been to our state conventions, vision quest, and legislative meetings. I serve on the Diversity Committee for NC Realtors®. I feel that this experience positions me to serve our state board at the highest level.

NAR Director (Number of Directors to be elected determined after July 31)

Tony Smith HeadshotTony Smith, ABR, CRS, GRI
Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

I am a second generation North Carolina Realtor® with over 35 years in the real estate industry.  I hold the designations ABR, CRS and GRI.

I am active in both my local and state associations, and have held a wide range of offices from President of the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association to Region 8 Regional VP for NCR. Locally, in addition to being the CRRA President for 2003, I have also held the offices of Secretary and Treasurer and was elected by my peers to the office of 2015 President of the North Carolina Association of Realtors®. In addition to service to my local and state associations, I have also been chair of the CRRA Housing Opportunity Foundation and was named Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association Realtor® of the Year in 2004. Currently, I serve as NAR RVP for Region 4.

While I have had a great deal of success listing and selling real estate throughout many different phases of the economy, I consider my true mission in the real estate profession advocacy for the American dream of home ownership. Tirelessly working with state, local and national groups to further the cause of home ownership, I am intensely passionate about and dedicated to the property owner. In that vein, I am a staunch supporter of RPAC and am a second tier member of RPAC Hall of Fame. “There’s more to real estate than just buying and selling. Nothing is more important than homeownership private property rights; advocating for that is more than what I do—it’s who I am.”

When not selling real estate or advocating for property owner’s rights, I enjoy working in the sun, a generous pour of good tequila, and spending time with my grandkids.

Regional Vice President (One candidate elected in each region by members of their region only)

Christina Asbury HeadshotRegion 1 – Christina Asbury, ABR, ALC, CRS, SFR, MRP
Jacksonville Board of REALTORS®

My name is Christina Asbury and I work in the beautiful area of coastal NC near Topsail Island and Jacksonville, home of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. I am originally from Hickory NC, but moved to this area in 1996, and have been a Realtor® since 2004.

I have served in many leadership roles within our industry, including past President and Realtor® of the Year at the Topsail Island Assoc. of Realtors®. I am currently a Director with the Jacksonville Board of Realtors®, volunteering for over 10 years in various capacities. I was the 2011 NC Land Realtor® of the Year and am a past President for the Carolina’s Realtors® Land Institute (RLI). I was appointed by the county commissioners to the Onslow County Planning Board of Adjustments, a position I take seriously, to protect private property rights. I am honored to be your NC Realtors® Professional Standards Committee Chair in 2019, and am looking forward to promoting the Commitment to Excellence to our NC Realtors®!

I have always been a leader, had the desire to serve my peers, & give back to the community and organizations that have helped me succeed. Being a graduate of the 2014 class of the William C Bass Leadership Academy (the best class ever), I have a unique understanding of the inner workings of our organization and how to make a positive impact on our industry. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, and those who know me will confirm that I operate with integrity and character, and will always stand up for what’s right and true.

I would love the opportunity to represent you, so I respectfully ask for your vote and consideration of RVP for Region 1.


Kim Endre HeadshotRegion 1 – Kim Endre, ABR, CRS, GREEN, RSPS, SFR, SRES
Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®

My name is Kimberly Endre and I am submitting my name as a candidate for the 2020-21 Region One RVP position.

It is my goal to be the voice for all in Region One, to bring forth our concerns, and to fight for everything that would most benefit our Region as a whole.  You can count on me to be available whenever you call, to act whenever needed, and to be by your side to fight anything we may come up against.  I am a full-time professional REALTOR® that believes in the REALTOR® brand, the need to elevate our professionalism overall in the industry, and that through good communication and elevated education we can strengthen our value throughout the world.

I have an extremely strong leadership background not only within my local association, but within the firms I have worked with as Sales Manager, Broker-In-Charge and now as Director of Real Estate Sales. I have served on and chaired almost every local committee and was President and REALTOR® of the YEAR in 2011.  I have also dedicated time at the State level having served in many capacities as needed over the years.  I had the great privilege to be presented with the Colvin Cup for my service and efforts as a REALTOR® PAC Trustee.  I am a graduate of the NCR Leadership Academy in 2009, hold the designations of ABR, CRS, GREEN, RSPS, SFR, SRES and am constantly continuing my education to grow with the industry.

I look forward to serving the state in 2019 as Treasurer of REALTOR® PAC, being a member of the Rapid Response Team and Risk Management, as well as growing and learning more from my peers so that I can better serve the membership should I be elected as the Region One RVP for 2020-21.


Tony Harrington HeadshotRegion 2 – Tony Harrington, ABR, AHWD, ALHS, CIPS,

Real estate is more than just homes. It is understanding the bigger picture and knowing how to be a part of the larger conversation.  Economic growth, connecting with local & state representatives, understanding laws that affect home ownership and giving back or volunteering to your local & state organizations are all integral pieces of being a connected REALTOR®.

I believe in RPAC. I am proud to be a Golden R Major Investor and member of the President’s Circle.  I continue to support & educate REALTORS® of the importance of RPAC and the need to be supportive with legislative initiatives that impact us and our clients.

Local Service:

Board of Directors 2017-
2018 Vice President
2019 President-Elect
Cape Fear REALTORS® Leadership Academy
Professional Standards Committee
Executive Round Table Member
2017 CEO Search Committee
Appraisal Council Member
RCASENC Board of Directors Member
Budget & Finance Committee

Representation – State level:

NC REALTORS® Economic Development Committee 2015- Chair in 2019
NC REALTORS® Global Network 2017 & 2018 Chair
NC REALTORS® Commercial Alliance Board of Governors 2018-
NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section Member 2017-
NC REALTORS® Legislative Committee 2019-
NC REALTORS® State Political Coordinator 2017-
NC REALTORS® International Delegate to France and Austria 2018 & 2019
NC REALTORS® Board of Directors 2018-

Education is key, and I hold the CIPS, ABR, AHWD & ALHS certifications/designations.

A REALTOR® member for 23 years, I’ve seen the many facets of Real Estate from Sales & Appraising, Legislative, Fundraising, to owning my own firm and management of my Broker team.  These experiences give me a unique perspective and understanding into the diverse needs of those who participate at different levels of our industry.

My goal is to increase member understanding, involvement and advocacy.  I humbly ask for your vote and support to represent Region 2 as Regional Vice President.


Kathy Haines HeadshotRegion 5 – Kathy Haines, ABR, ePRO, SPS, SRES
Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

I am very proud to be a REALTOR®.  I become prouder every day when I see all the great things that our local, state and national associations do with our dues dollars along with fundraising efforts for those weather stricken in our own areas and nationwide.

I am proud to be a part of these efforts as well as the legislative leg of our associations to help our sellers and buyers with their concerns on or being able to acquire or maintain their dream of home ownership.

We, as a whole, are so much greater than just conduits in a real estate transaction.  We help to transform communities with our involvement in Realtors R Rebuilding, Hurricane and tornado relief fundraising as well as marching to our respective government entities to make sure they are aware of the matters that are near and dear to our hearts and their hearts of our clients.

By being more involved in these organizations, it has made me a better person, REALTOR® and friend to the less fortunate and the less informed.  It has made me much more aware of what needs to be done and how, in even a small part, I can help to move these efforts forward.

I am very proud to be involved in our associations and want to continue to make a mark in my career by giving more of my time to efforts other than the real estate transaction.  By doing this, we all profit.

Past Positions:

President of Greensboro Regional Realtors® Association- 2017
NC REALTORS® Director 2016-2018
Graduate of Leadership Greensboro – 1997
Program Chair of Leadership Greensboro – 1998

Kathy Haines,


Dennis Bailey HeadshotRegion 7 – Dennis Bailey, ABR, CCIM, CRS, GRI, SFR, SRES
Cleveland County Association of REALTORS®

I was raised in Shelby, North Carolina.  I lost my older brother in a motorcycle accident when I was 14 years old.  My family dynamic understandably changed from very strict, to barely existent, resulting in behavior that, unaltered, would cost me my life or my freedom.  I joined the Air Force in 1980 to “try to become a good man”.

I took to the rigid structure, discipline, and fair-play in the military like a fish to water.

I received “below-the-zone” promotion to Senior Airman, earliest possible promotion to Staff Sergeant, numerous Airman, Non-Commissioned Officer, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Quarter and Year awards, and served as my unit’s First Sergeant.  I earned eight medals as an Intelligence Analyst, ranging from the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, to an Air Force Achievement Medal for Operation Desert Shield/Storm and retired from the Air Force in April of 2000 as a Master Sergeant and returned to Shelby.

I have been active in the Cleveland County Association of REALTORS® (2000-Present) and Gaston Association of REALTORS® (2002-2011), serving in Cleveland as Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Chairman, Legislative Chairman, Treasurer, and President, and in Gaston as Legislative Chairman, and as a Director.

My political activism as a REALTOR® led me to venture into politic, and in 2010 was appointed to Shelby City Council, re-elected twice, and was elected Mayor Pro Tempore’ 2015-2017.  I served as Vice-Chairman of the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization from 2013-2017, and as a Director of the North Carolina League of Municipalities 2015-2017.

I own Bailey Real Estate Advisors, LLC where I specialize in commercial investment real estate.

I live in Shelby with my wife Sandy of 28 Years and we have three children, Christina, Ryan, and Dylan, and 2 grandsons, Troy and Nate.


John Ogburn HeadshotRegion 8 – John Ogburn
Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

I have been actively involved in serving NC Realtors® as a director since 2014 and serving the Charlotte Region Realtors® Association as a Director from 2016 – 2018. I graduated from the CRRA Leadership Academy in 2015.

For the CRRA I was selected to serve as committee chairperson of the Young Professional Network committee (2016) and Grievance Committee (2017). I have also served on the Audit, Budget, and Finance Committee, Communications Advisory Group, and Professional Standards Committee. I currently serve on Government Affairs Committee and Leadership Academy Selection Committee.

I have served in assisting with our local RPAC fundraising efforts since 2016 and have been a major investor from 2015 – 2018.

I look forward to the opportunity to apply my knowledge and passion for the Realtor® profession as RVP for our Region for the 2019/2020 term.


Teresa Pitt HeadshotRegion 10 – Teresa Pitt, ABR, CRS, GRI
Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®

A North Carolina native; 39-year spouse of an Air Force Retiree, mother of two wonderful adult sons (one achieving his PhD). Completing the family is our lovely daughter-in-law and an adorable mini dachshund.

Licensed in 1994, I started my real estate journey in Fayetteville, NC.

NC REALTORS® continues to be at the forefront of training, technology, and education.   Efforts of our staff and volunteer leadership remain the driving force behind a commitment of excellence to association members. Training, education and being an RPAC major investor are extremely important in responding to today’s evolving real estate climate.

I have pursued educational opportunities and specialty training at local, state & national levels to improve my professional skills and leadership abilities. I hold the following designations and certifications: ABR; CRS; GRI & NC Workforce Housing Specialist.

I am a proud graduate of the 2009 NC REALTORS® Leadership Academy and recipient of the NC REALTORS® Regional Service Award, Region 10.

Committee and Elected Positions: Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®

Board Director, Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®, Strategic Planning Committee, Bylaws Committee-Vice Chair, Grievance Committee-Chair, Grievance Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Government Affairs Committee-Chair, Community Service Committee, Communications Committee

Committee and Elected Positions: NC REALTORS®

NC REALTORS® Director, Regional Vice President-Region 10, NC REALTORS ® Executive Committee, Legislative Committee, Executive Liaison to Diversity Committee, Convention Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Leadership Academy Mentoring Committee, Professional Standards Committee, Professional Standards Sub-Committee, Vice Chair, By-laws Committee, Chair, By-Laws Committee, Certifying/Recruiting Committee, Risk Management Committee, Director, NC REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation.

My professional and leadership experiences, along with education and training, persist in tutoring me to pursue improvement in LISTENING, SERVING, MENTORING, and LEADING.   I ask for your vote of confidence by affording me the opportunity to serve as your Region 10, Regional Vice President.

Be Epic. Be an NC REALTOR®.