Four New Tools for Your REALTOR® Toolbox

Most Realtors® in the industry today know the importance of investing in technology to help boost their business and get them through the obstacles. The following are different kinds of software that can help boost your leads, grow your efficiency, and help you better serve your clients.

Adobe Scan

If you’re in real estate, chances are your transaction files are piling up (if not bursting out the drawers) and despite how tempting it may be, you never want to throw out old files; doing so will put you at a disadvantage if a dispute arises. Adobe Scan can help you lesson your paper load without getting rid of any old documents. This mobile scanner not only converts your paper documents to PDF, but also automatically recognizes text and turns it into digital text. This allows you to scan, edit, search and highlight your scanned text in the created PDF.


This electronic signature platform offers an edition especially for Realtors® that includes Realtor® branding and Transactions (zipForm® Edition) integration. With DocuSign, agents are able to keep track of all documents in a transaction. This platform is a great way to get documents signed and deals made.


Whether a client wants to know the where the best restaurants in town are or what schools are nearby, the Citymaps app will make you an instant neighborhood expert. Citymaps works great for Realtors® who have clients that are not local to the area. The map format also makes it easy to see how to plan your trip around the places you want to go.


Be there in person when you can’t be there in person. BombBomb is compatible with Gmail and Outlook and allows you to create a video messages, which makes for a more personal interaction with your client. You can create, send and track your video, and an email alert will let you know when a client opens and views your message. The platform is also great for creating listing videos and placing them on your mailing list, allowing you to track who views the video (who’s interested) so that you can give a follow up call.

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” couldn’t apply more to real estate. As a Realtor® you want to have a great set of new tools in your tool box to allow you to get more done in less time, helping you focus more on your business and your clients.

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