NC REALTORS® Talk Health Insurance

For as long as any of us can remember, the cost of health insurance has been a significant part of the annual expenses for many who are self-employed or independent contractors. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, many saw insurance costs decrease thanks to subsidies and grandfathered plans. But that wasn’t the case for everyone and even those with subsidized plans didn’t keep them forever. Premiums and deductibles continued to rise, forcing even the healthiest persons to pay high costs for their insurance or choose to drop it all together due to other expenses.

NC REALTORS® believes that our members, along with all those who aren’t covered under employer-sponsored health insurance shouldn’t have the make the choice between health insurance and other expenses. We know that thousands of members across our state choose to go without coverage because of these high costs, placing them one accident or illness away from financial peril.


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