NAR Committee Application FAQs

This FAQ contains answers to general questions related to NAR’s committee appointment process. NAR’s committees are a great forum for debate and discussion. Being on a committee allows you to contribute to the decision-making process, and gain national experience beneficial for those seeking a leadership role.


  • What is my log in?
    If you do not know your login, go to and in the upper right corner click sign in and then a window will pop up and you can select forgot user name or password.
  • How do I determine what Committee I should apply for?
    Each committee has a description as well as the qualifications needed to apply.  Be sure to read these carefully.  Start in areas that you’re interested in and passionate about.
  • What should I include on my Expertise Profile?
    Here are a few NC REALTORS®’ you can review their profiles and get an idea.
    Cindy Chandler
    Leigh Brown
  • Do I send my recommendations to more than 3 individuals?
    NO, you should contact those who you are asking for a recommendation personally and ask.  If you have not received the recommendation in a timely manner, then ask another individual.
  • Should I use the same individuals as references on all of my committee applications?
    It is best to seek recommendations from those who are in the area you’re applying for.  For example, someone in law and policy is probably not best for an RPAC recommendation and vice versa.
  • Should I let NC REALTORS®Leadership / Strategic Committee Members know I am applying?
    Yes, both are here to answer questions and help you along the journey.
  • Is there anyone in NC I can’t ask for an endorsement?
    Yes,  our own Leigh Brown will be VP of Advocacy in 2021.

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