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NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center is now live

NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center

PLEASE NOTE: NC REALTORS® will never call or text you about the Health Benefits Center. Any texts or calls about health insurance associated with NAR or NC REALTORS® could be a scam, so please proceed with caution. Our organization has not and will not sell your information to outside parties.

If you do receive any texts or calls, please report any unsolicited communications from anyone claiming to be NAR or using the REALTOR® trademarks to fraudulently sell you an insurance product at NAR has created this dedicated inbox to gather member reports of this scam, as part of NAR’s ongoing efforts to investigate the matter. Please note that the inbox is not monitored and members will not receive an individual response.

Finally! An alternative to traditional health insurance plans

Today, we launch the NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center that provides members and their families an opportunity to take control of and save on healthcare expenses.

After years of searching for an appropriate provider, NC REALTORS® can now exclusively offer an alternative to the ACA exchange and private insurance for members. NC REALTORS® has partnered with Vault Strategies, a respected insurance and consulting firm, to give you a new option for quality, affordable health solutions.

The NC REALTORS® Health Benefits Center is the only health benefits solution offered through NC REALTORS® and provides independent contractors and sole business owners and their families an opportunity to take control of and save on healthcare expenses. By visiting the Health Benefits Center, you will be able to see if you can save versus traditional ACA Exchange or private insurance market plans.

To apply and ultimately establish your plan in the program, you must be an Independent Business Owner using a federal Tax ID for your business; complete a short health questionnaire and be accepted; and be an active member of NC REALTORS®. A federal tax ID can be from an LLC, S-corp, or other sole prop structure. You can review plan designs and cost estimates instantly, and qualifying is a quick process.

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Check out FAQs for more information.

Now is the time to compare the plan designs available through NC REALTORS® to the ACA (or wherever you source health insurance). We encourage you to take this opportunity to see if you can save.

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