Podcasts are Heating Up – Part 2

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A look at how NC REALTORS® are utilizing this media platform to take their business to the next level.


In 2018, the number of podcast downloads crossed 2.6 billion globally. There is no doubt podcasts are growing in popularity. In our November 2018 issue, we highlighted the resurgence of podcasts and how to get started producing your own. This month we shed light on REALTORS® right here in North Carolina who are using this medium to take their business to the next level. We talked to two NC REALTORS® and one local association to discover how they started their podcast journey and the benefits they have experienced since.

To learn more about the benefits of podcasts, how to use them to build relationships and basic tips and tools to create your own, refer to Podcasts are Heating Up, Part 1 in the November 2018 issue of Insight.

May 2019 Insight: Podcasts BeerBeer and Real Estate

With managing a real estate business and personal life, it’s hard work to produce a podcast on a consistent schedule. But, REALTORS® and friends Bryan Colquitt and Ryan Wall have found a way to make it work. They are the hosts of the podcast Beer & Real Estate, inspired by their two favorite things: beer and real estate.

The quirky title helped Colquitt and Wall cultivate a sense of personability with their clients. “It creates a different dynamic in a client relationship when they realize that you are like them and enjoy the same things they do. You become a person to them as opposed to just another licensed agent,” says Wall.

The duo launched Beer & Real Estate in early 2019 on YouTube, but quickly realized that venturing into the podcast arena would cater to an on-the-go REALTOR® audience. Because of that change, they have not only seen positive impacts on their business, but also on the connections they formed with others in the industry.

Subscribers to the Beer & Real Estate podcast can expect Colquitt and Wall to cover topics from Inman headlines to situations all REALTORS® experience every day. They interview real estate industry leaders, international real estate coaches and agents that are making waves in the industry. Of course, don’t forget about the beer. In each episode, they also feature a North Carolina brewery and enjoy sipping on a draft of choice as they talk business.

May 2019 Insight: Podcast Be UnlikelyBe Unlikely

In 2014, Tiffany Williamson earned her real estate license after working 10 years in the cosmetic industry. However, she quickly realized that the world’s infatuation with appearances extended beyond her previous world in cosmetics.

On her website, Williamson writes that “we live in a world where many people operate on the surface-level, masking inadequacies because the appearance of “normal” is far easier than revealing who we truly are.” It was under that type of thinking that empowered her to do things she never thought possible. And, encouraged her to start the Be Unlikely movement, blog and podcast.

“I started a podcast to be a voice for the people who were told they would never be successful; for the people who made poor choices; for the people who suffer from limiting beliefs and self-doubt; for the people who have been through the struggle,” says Williamson.

On her podcast, you can expect to hear inspiring stories of real estate industry professionals who had to overcome extreme adversity to get to where they are today. You’ll also hear real-life tactical actions you can use to not only jumpstart your business, but live a bolder life.

Williamson encourages everyone who is interested in starting a podcast to avoid giving in to the typical excuses. “I waited far too long to launch my podcast because I was too busy or I didn’t have the perfect setting or just the right equipment. If you’re passionate about a topic or have something to contribute, do it today!”

May 2019 Insight: Podcasts Orange ChathamWelcome Home

In search of how to better engage their members, Orange Chatham Association of REALTORS® discovered podcasts were a cost-efficient way to deliver educational and engaging content. “REALTORS® are working hard to put food on their table and don’t always have the time to come in for classes or attend conventions, so we decided to take the information to them,” says CEO Cub Berrian. “REALTORS® always want to learn; the podcast allows them to learn on-the-go, on their own time.” Orange Chatham is the first local association in North Carolina to tap into podcasts. The podcast, called Welcome Home, provides value for Orange Chatham members and also shares quality information for homeowners. Berrian says, “I would encourage other associations to use modern advances in technology to their advantage and to serve their members. Jump right in the water; don’t be afraid to swim.” Orange Chatham promotes Welcome Home on social media and even had help from the National Association of REALTORS® in their launch.

REdefined - An NC REALTORS® PodcasNC REALTORS® REdefined

As you can see, podcasts are kind of our thing. So much so, that we actually started our own this year. The NC REALTORS® REdefined podcast takes a look at our epic members and how they are shaping and influencing the industry. We’re redefining the term REALTOR® and proving that our members do more than buy and sell houses. Look for a new episode each month and get ready for in-depth interviews led by 2019 President Asa Fleming, event recaps and even book reviews.

Moving Forward

The 18-34-year-old demographic makes up 44 percent of global podcast listeners. In January 2017, this same demographic was responsible for the newest mortgages. The proof is in the data, so why wouldn’t REALTORS® use this growing technology platform to connect to consumers and build their business. The NC REALTORS® listed above have jumped right in. So, what are you waiting for?


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