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November 2023 Insight coverBY LEE NELSON
Lee Nelson is a freelance journalist from Illinois. She writes for REALTOR® Magazine, several state  REALTOR® Magazines and websites, and

In the dynamic world of real estate, REALTORS® often find themselves navigating intricate and ever-changing challenges. The  demands of the profession can be mentally taxing, leading to  burnout if self-care and effective business habits are not prioritized.  To thrive in this competitive field, successful North Carolina  REALTORS® offer their insights on building better business habits,  fostering industry connections, and investing in personal well-being. Here are their valuable tips:

6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Establish Consistent Routines

Michael Figura, the broker/owner of Mosaic  Community Lifestyle  Realty in Asheville, NC,  believes that consistency  is the key to a successful  real estate career. Establishing daily  routines, including self-care, is essential. He emphasizes the  importance of starting the  day with a focus on well-being and steering clear of caffeine during the first  90 minutes after waking  up. Engaging in exercise,  meditation and natural  daylight exposure can  boost productivity.  However, Figura’s  ultimate advice is to  remain consistently  authentic and genuine  when interacting with  others, both in your  personal life and within  the real estate industry.  Building trust and rapport  goes a long way in  establishing a thriving  business.

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6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Tackle the Tough Tasks First

“As simple as it sounds, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten is to do the hard things first, and I still have to remind myself of that quite often,” says Carol Bradley, broker/owner of Bradley Real Estate and Development in Monroe, NC.

It’s human nature to procrastinate on difficult conversations or decisions, such as delivering negative inspection reports or informing clients that they didn’t secure a coveted property. Bradley’s wisdom lies in recognizing that, despite initial apprehension, addressing these issues promptly results in better outcomes.



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6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Embrace Personalized Organization

“I use technology as much as possible with calendar invites for reminders, to-do lists, and more,” Bradley states. ”
And while technology plays a pivotal role in her daily routine, she also finds solace in traditional methods like colorful paper calendars. Old-school touches, such as brightly colored stickers highlighting special events or using different color gel pens, bring a sense of joy and organization to her professional life. “I put an airplane sticker on days that we will be flying out for a conference,” she says. “It just makes me feel happy when things are bright and glittery.”




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6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Maintain a Strong Work Ethic

When Rich Manzi began in real estate in 2011, he spent hours in his home office on the computer, studying, looking at training videos and educating himself in every way possible. In a world that seeks instant gratification, he advocates for a return to the value of hard work.

“When people come into real estate from a full-time job, they think, ‘I’m in control of my own schedule. No one is telling me what to do,’” says Manzi, broker-in-charge and co-owner of NextHome Triad Realty, Greensboro, NC and owner of NextLevel Building & Remodeling.

He acknowledges the allure of flexible schedules and self-directed work, which often attracts individuals to the real estate industry. However, Manzi emphasizes that maintaining internal motivation and dedicating oneself to the real estate business with the same diligence and dedication as a traditional job is crucial.

6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Foster Community Among REALTORS®

From the very beginning of his real estate career, Manzi recognized the value in joining the REALTOR® association and networking with other REALTORS® despite being competitors.

“It’s important to build that community,” he says. “The transaction is better when there is a trust and a relationship with one another.”

The goal is to ensure that both buyers and sellers walk away satisfied, with a focus on cooperation rather than cutthroat competition.

6 Ways to Master Real Estate Success: Embrace Patience on Your Pathto Success

Figura reminds fellow REALTORS® that success in the industry often requires time and perseverance.

“Somebody told me early on to not expect immediate success,” he states. “You have to work consistently over a long period of time. And those who don’t work at it, don’t last.”

While the pandemic saw an influx of new entrants who quickly turned profits in a hot market, the real estate landscape has shifted with dwindling inventory. Figura advises against expecting immediate success and emphasizes the need for consistent effort over an extended period. Building a reserve and recognizing that immediate cash flow may not be part of the equation in the initial years are essential components of a sustainable real estate career.

Manzi emphasizes that no magic program or magic lead can make your business thrive.

“You have to be a student all the time and absorb it all,” he adds. “Integrity is probably something most important to me. The client experience and their satisfaction are more important than any one commission check.”

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