Summer Home Maintenance

Summertime is a great time of year to do some home repairs and maintenance. It’s also ideal because North Carolina is just stepping into storm season and being prepared in advance is never a bad idea.

Fix the Roof

Guard your home against coming storms by checking on your roof and tackling needed repairs as soon as possible. If you live closer to the coast, hurricane season is a real threat, and the last thing you want is to exacerbate existing maintenance issues. Call your local roofing company and request an estimate before things get really wet.

Clean the Gutters

Speaking of rain, ensure that the falling leaves of winter and fluttering blooms of spring aren’t clogging up your gutters. Summer storms and showers can be extra damaging if the gutters on your home are full of nature. You can call a service or do it yourself with a variety of methods. Just be careful to watch for birds nesting!

Man replacing a filter on a home air conditioning system.

Change Your Air Filters

Spring has come and gone, and all of that pollen floating around in the air has probably gotten trapped in your air filtration. Many homeowners forget about air filters because they’re out of sight, out of mind. So be sure to review recommended filter change schedules (times range from 90 days to 25 days, depending on the number of pets you have) and ensure your HVAC is clean and breathable.

Plumber hands holding wrench and fixing a sink in bathroom

Check for Leaks

In the summer, utility costs tend to rise, so make sure that you’re saving all you can by double checking for leaks around the house. Checking for leaks can be done several ways. Small leaks can be DIY-ed, but make sure that any larger issues are taken care of by a professional before they become more of a headache.

Sweep the Deck

Not literally, though that may be a good idea. But checking for any rotten wood or nails before the weather gets nice and the area is used more often can save a lot of headache later. Preparation and foresight can be the most time-saving and money-saving action there is.

Swap the Batteries

Summer heats up fire season, so check the batteries in your smoke alarm or fire detector and run a test to ensure it is in working order. This should be done every six months or so, but doing another check never hurts.

Keep your home safe and looking good by taking a few easy steps before the summer gets under way.

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