The Real Deal About REAL ID

New ID Requirements in North Carolina

Congress passed the REAL ID Act requiring states to issue identification that meets higher security standards. People will need it to fly domestically, access federally-owned properties, and other locations by October 2020. Schedule your appointment by calling (919) 715–7000. Without a REAL ID, you will need to contact TSA and each federal facility about the additional identification required for flying and entering military bases, nuclear power plants and other federal facilities.


  • A single form of identification for ease of travel
  • An increased security measure (Verifies identity and residency)
  • Meets federal identification requirements for TSA and federal facilities, including military bases and nuclear power plants
  • A REAL ID is a driver license or identification card with a gold star. Non-REAL IDs will not have the gold star and will be clearly noted “Not for Federal Identification”.
  • Same cost as a driver license and identification card
  • Must be obtained in a driver license office

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